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Setup Ads on your website and Earn online.

Benifits of Ads(Advertisement) on your website:
If you put Ads on your website, you will earn money by getting views on your sites.
Mritunjoy Adforsites provides the high qualities ads for your websites.

What is Mritunjoy Adforsites?

Mritunjoy Adforsites is a website, which provides ad(advertisements) for your websites. Meaning you will get Codes from Mritunjoy Adforsites, which you need to put on your websites. After that the Ad(Advertisements) will run on your website, with the help of which you are going to earn your income.

Why to use Mritunjoy Adforsites?

Mritunjoy Adforsites is very simple to use and easy to understand, which may be the firstly reason for you to Mritunjoy Adforsites.
Secondly, you can get approved on Mritunjoy Adforsites with your subdomains also. Generally, mostly ad companies doesn't provide approval for subdomains, but Mritunjoy Adforsites give chances for you.

How to Earn with Mritunjoy Adforsites?

1.You need a website

Firstly, you need a website. Website should be Genuine and it should be hosted on domain name. Make sure, your website should not have copied content.

2.Required pages on websites.

Your website should have About me,Privacy Policy,Terms and Conditions,Contact us pages.

3.Traffics on your website.

For getting Approved on Mritunjoy Adforsites, your website should have some traffics.

4.How many days it needs to get approved on Mritunjoy Adforsites?

The most important thing you need is to have traffics on your website. The delay of your approval is depend on the the number of traffics, coming on your website.
For example, if your website have 100 traffics per day then it might be approved within 2 or 3 days. But if the traffics is less then 100, then it will always delay, and until 100 traffics doesn't comes on your website per day, Mritunjoy Adforsites is not going to approved.

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