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Dibyadarshan Das

Cricket News: From MS Dhoni's dismal IPL outing to the sexiest remark by Gavaskar

This artical covers MS Dhoni's dismal IPL outing to the sexiest remark by Gavaskar and the tragic loss of Dean Jones. Some cricket-ish thoughts by the author, in ascending order of hilarity.

How COVID-19 became GOWILD-20?

A test the social media-affected virtue-signalling world has comprehensively failed in 2020. This is not at all to belittle the deadliness of C-19 in some quarters or the people suffering from it. But only to ask if living with death hasn’t always been our way of life? And if “living with the virus” really just means that?

Top 3 Morrissey songs you should not miss out in COVID-19 times

Morrissey was called the "Pope of Mope " in his youth for his songs (with The Smiths) often went into. His stunning new album is purporetdly about curing depression through music, any kind.

Review: Paatal Lok recreates a lot of definations

Paatal Lok is a story about Hathi Ram Choudhary, Delhi Police Inspector. Here we get to see how his family starts to love him inspite of everything. How he starts seeing things differently as he fails at work and at life. If you didn't know that love could coexist with appalling failures and abject losses, here it is. Watch it happen.

Opinion: India is going to have to live with Covid-19 for a while

Given that the new normal is 450-500 infections a day in India, it is clear that India is going to have to live with Covid-19 for a while. And "live" is the operative word.

Top 3 best Netflix shows you should not miss in 2020

Mritunjoy has brought to you, a list of three film and webseries that are exclusively streaming on different video platforms. So why wait? Lets get jump in.

Only a pandemic could stop Rafael Nadal from winning on clay

More than the twelve Roland Garros championships and fifty-nine career titles which speak for themselves, Nadal’s greatness on clay is complete in another way. It has birthed a sport of its own.

Top 10 shows you must watch to get through this boring quarantine

We've presented you the list of some brand new streaming content to help you get through the lockdown, as it seems set to continue.

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