Linseed oil reduces cholesterol. What other properties does flax seed oil have

Linseed oil is squeezed from flax seeds. Linseed, or flax seeds, was already known in antiquity. They were used by Greeks and Romans. The main medicine - Hippocrates - recommended their use for lower abdominal pain and inflammation of the mucous membranes. It is worth enriching your diet with a healthy flax product - flax-seed oil.

Coconut Sugar A New Way Of Sweetening is it allowed on a diet

Coconut sugar is becoming more and more popular among those who prefer healthy eating. It is still a novelty on the market, and in many online sources you can find information about the health-promoting effect of this sugar. Is coconut sugar really healthy? What properties does it have?

Coffee Or Tea How Do The Most Popular Drinks In The World Affect Us

A morning without the aroma of coffee and a cool afternoon without a cup of tea? Some people find it hard to imagine their everyday life without their favorite drinks. Coffee and tea are among the most popular delicacies in the world, although it may seem that they have a lot of competition. Regardless of whether you love a black espresso with a mini cup or green tea from a huge cup with a funny logo, you can be sure that you provide not only enormous pleasure, but also a dose of beneficial ingredients.

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