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How to decrease the quota of sleeping? How to sleep less and work more?

Too much sleep can make you dull and lazy. So we need to limit our sleep. Lets see how to decrease the quota of sleep and work more. Mostly its depend on our eating.

What time is lunch and best meal times? when to eat breakfast lunch dinner see the Timings?

What time is lunch and which is the Best meal time for the day! when is the best time to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, see the Timings briefly its benefits? The popular saying says "to eat breakfast like a king, dinner like a prince, and dinner like a beggar" and finds confirmation in scientific research. It turns out that not only the composition and quality of meals but also their hours and distribution during the day affect the state of health and weight.

Frequent Urination pollakiuria What does it indicate Causes And Treatment

It seems that using the toilet several times more often than usual is nothing serious. Meanwhile, an increased number of urination may be a symptom of problems with the urinary tract, and often also indicates serious diseases such as diabetes.

Ginkgo biloba tea and pills What are its benefits that you did not know

On August 6, 1945, at 8:15 a.m., the first atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II. The bomb caused a lot of damage in the city and was responsible for several deaths, but in the middle of the disaster a plant survived the sad historical fact: ginkgo biloba. This plant species is one of the oldest in the world, which manages to live for more than 1000 years in areas with few nutrients. It is believed that it has many health benefits, so its leaves are used for making herbal teas and by the pharmaceutical industry in the form of capsules. Get to know ginkgo biloba, its uses and health benefits

Viagra What is it How to take it What are the Side Effects

Viagra is a medicine that contains the substance Sildenafil citrate , used to combat erectile dysfunction, improving erection capacity and male sexual health. There are other names, a little more informal, like pill or blue medicine. Usage is, in general, quite popular. Although initially, men over the age of 60 are the target audience, now young adults and even adolescents seek the remedy to improve sexual performance. However, Viagra is only indicated when there is a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction .

BCG vaccine what is it for And What are its effects Read to know more

The meningitis tuberculosis is an extremely dangerous brain disease, as well as pulmonary tuberculosis is also. One of the bacteria responsible for these infections is very contagious and, in addition to affecting the brain and lungs, it can cause problems in other parts of the body. Fortunately, there is a vaccine that can leave the human body protected from this bacterium. It's the BCG vaccine. Read and learn more about this powerful weapon against Mycobacterium bacteria . tuberculosis !

Does dTpa vaccine have side effects and Why pregnant women should take it

The dTpa vaccine (adult acellular bacterial triple vaccine) is intended for children, adolescents, adults and pregnant women who need an immune boost against diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Other vaccines offer protection against these diseases, such as DTP and DTPa. However, dTpa is the most suitable for pregnant women. Therefore, in 2014 entered the Pregnancy Calendar of Pregnant Women, as a way to complement the scheme of the double adult vaccine, which prevents against tetanus and diphtheria.

Tick disease what are the symptoms and how to treat them for Dogs

In addition to fleas, other parasites can harm the health of pets. This is the case with the tick. In addition to the discomfort caused by them in dogs, such as incessant itching, other complications can occur if there is a proper treatment to eliminate these parasites. This is because ticks can be transmitters of various diseases, which are transmitted to animals through their bite .. Tick ​​disease is actually not a condition, but rather a name widely used to refer to such diseases in general. Know below what they are and how to prevent your pet!

Alcoholic Drinks With Antibiotics What Are the Risks That you need to know

In the light of current scientific knowledge, there is no single answer to the question: " who is taking antibiotics can drink? ". For this answer to be given correctly, we need to know what antibiotic is being taken, what infection is being treated, what is the patient's clinical condition, and how much alcohol the individual intends to take.

Stress Causes symptoms effects of stress how to defeat it and overcome with simple relaxing exercise.

Stress - today we are exposed to it constantly. Sometimes stress can be mobilizing, but more often - especially when the state of tension lasts for a long time, it has a negative effect on our health. The effects of chronic stress include, among others weakening of the immune system, exacerbation of symptoms of many autoimmune diseases. Check the causes and effects of stress and find out how to overcome it.

Rinsing the mouth with oil oil pilling cleans teeth and strengthens the whole body

The mouth rinse technique is extremely simple and requires just 20 minutes a day. It is best to do it in the morning after drinking a glass of water. This will help in the production of saliva and better distribution of oil, and thus, thorough cleaning of the oral cavity. This is a particularly important place on the body map. Different kinds of bacteria and fungi get inside our body mainly through the mouth.

15 Causes of Vaginal Itching Symptoms and Treatment that you should know

The treatment of vaginal itching depends on the correct diagnosis of the cause. The medicine indicated to treat a yeast infection is different from the treatment for a bacterial infection, which in turn has nothing to do with the treatment of itching by vaginal atrophy.

E Cigarettes is it good for health Is it any better than the normal cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have gained popularity in recent years, especially among the younger population and smokers who want a less harmful way of consuming nicotine. Even in Brazil, where e-cigarettes are prohibited *, the product has generated a lot of curiosity and attracted fans, who purchase the device through the Internet or on trips to countries that allow their sale, such as the United States, France , Italy or Portugal.

What is Syphilis What are its Stages Symptoms and Treatment

Syphilis is an infectious-contagious disease transmitted mainly through the sexual path. The causative agent is the bacterium Treponema pallidum , whose most common symptom is a painless ulcer in the genital region. When not properly treated, syphilis develops as a three-stage disease: primary, secondary, and tertiary syphilis. Each stage has different symptoms and in later stages, the disease can spread throughout the body, causing serious damage to internal organs such as the heart and brain, and deforming lesions on the skin.

Main Symptoms of Hiv and Aids and Know What is the Cure for Them

A patient is only considered as having AIDS when the HIV virus has attacked and destroyed such a large number of lymphocytes that the immune system is already weakened. With few viable lymphocytes, the body becomes more vulnerable to infections, becoming susceptible to various types of viruses, bacteria, fungi and even tumors.

Type 1 Diabetes What are the Causes Diagnosis symptoms and Treatment

Type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM1), also called juvenile diabetes, is a chronic disease that arises when the pancreas is sick and produces little or no insulin. Insulin is a hormone that acts by allowing glucose (sugar) into the cells, where they are used as fuel to generate energy for the body. Without insulin, glucose can not get into the cells and ends up getting accumulated in the blood, leading to a condition called hyperglycemia.

Canker Sores in Mouth and Tongue What are the Causes and Treatment

Canker sores are very painful and often hinder simple activities such as talking, eating and kissing. Fortunately, the lesions are benign and do not usually cause major problems beyond this discomfort. However, some more serious diseases of the oral cavity may manifest with very similar ulcerated lesions, which may cause some confusion. An example is cancer of the oral cavity, which in the early stages may look like a cold sore.

What are Gallstones Know how you can cure it in the natural way

The gallbladder is a small, hollow organ located under the liver that is responsible for producing and storing bile, a liquid substance with bitter taste and green, whose function is to digest the fats that enter our digestive system. Bad eating habits, excessive consumption of toxic substances (medications, hormonal treatments, alcohol, etc.), the existence of polyps (benign or malignant) in the gallbladder wall and the formation of stones or stones are some of the disorders that can alter the proper functioning of this body.

Do you know what are the benefits of pure cranberry juice are

In this post we bring the knowledge of a fruit little known in Brazil and that brings many health benefits: cranberry. Cranberry helps fight urinary tract infection, candidiasis and even gastritis. Know the benefits of cranberry and know how to use dry fruit or juice.

1 Scoop of these Natural Items is what you need to treat fatty liver

Some of the common causes of liver problems are excess fat, also known as fatty liver or technically like liver cirrhosis. Fat in the liver can be controlled with changes in diet and regular exercise. In addition there are some natural ingredients that can help take care of this organ

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