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How to earn from a website? Earn money from home online. Website Business Models.

Learn how to make money from a website. You can earn online from home and this is known as digital marketing. Here we are going to give you some list of the earning sources.






What if you don't need to go outside from your house to earn money? What if you don't need to spend lots of money to start your company or Business? What if you don't need lots of workers or men power to start big profitable Business?

Yes, it is all possible using Internet. What I am talking about is the Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is nothing but a process of earning through Internet or websites.

If you need proof then, I am sure you have heard about the website Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. They were Billion Dollar company now a days. And they were only a website.

You you think that you need to be computer expert or engineer to achieve that then you are wrong. There is lots of people who doesn't even know well about computer but they were running a big website company. For example the Founder of , Jack Ma , he himself said that he doesn't even know much about the computer. And like him there is lots of great peoples who were not expert in computer and Internet but they were running lots of big website companies.

And if you think you need lots of money for that then you are still wrong. Jack Ma, the Founder of himself is not from the rich background nor from the rich family, but now he is the richest man of China in this year 2020. All you need is the willpower, hard work and patients. If you had all this three then you are the man of success.

Now let's us come to the point. We are going to give you the lists of some earning sources through which you can earn creating a website.

So, how to create a website?

For that you need to hire some developers. Click Here to order your website .

Now, after you have your website, here is the lists of earning sources given below:

  1. Ads or Advertisement: The most common earning source of all the websites is the Advertisement. As many companies or businessman need promotion, and to promote their businesses they need to provide advertisement, that is why their is lots of Advertiser who is ready to pay money to show their business advertisement in your website. But the main thing you need is the traffics or visitors in your website. As much the traffics of your website increases as much the charges you can take for advertising. So, how to earn if my website doesn't have lots of traffics? You can use some of the third party Advertisement company to put ads on your website and earn. And wherever your traffics increases, for example reached up to millions level. Don't worry some Companies or Businessman himself will approach you to pay for Advertising their ads on your website. Some of the third party Advertisement company which you can use and earn money are  Google Adsense , , Infolinks , etc.
  2. Commission: Yes, you can earn through commission system and it is the most light weight and profitable Business model of a website. So, what kind of commission model? If you look to the Amazon , Flipkart , etc. Business model they provide a marketplace for online sellers and whenever the products were sold they charge some commissions from the sellers. So, what you need to do is just create some online marketplace and generate traffics and vendors and earn through commissions.
  3. Digital Services: Charging for digital content creating like, writing  Blog, creating video, creating Logo, editing Images. It is like Freelancing. You can also create your own freelancing type website. Also you can earn by providing support services. Support services is like answering the questions and earning. Create a website where people can ask you a question and charge for answering them. This will work very well if you were a good teacher or researcher or celebrity.
  4. Account upgradation: You can provide a settings limitation for your website's users and charges if your users need more settings options in your website. This kinds of Accounts Upgradation can be seen is some Forum Websites like Warrior Forum , etc.
  5. Subscription Fees: It is a type of monthly charging for providing information to our website's users. This kinda subscription system is seen in a website like Netflix , etc. You need to pay monthly for watching movies on Netflix.
  6. Data usages Fees: You can also create a website where people can upload files to your website and set limitation on it. For example like Gmail  provides 15 gb of storage and if you need more then that you need to pay.
  7. Affiliate Program: You can also earn by selling others products. Websites that provides Affiliate program are Amazon Affiliate , etc. Also if you have lots of traffics and if you are running marketplace website like Amazon, Flipkart, etc then you can launch your own Affiliating program like Amazon Affiliate.
  8. Direct Selling: If you have some products then you can direct sell your products. Like you can create PDF, Images, Videos courses and sell on your website.
  9. Reselling Products: You can do reselling software also. Reselling means buy the products from other companies and selling their licenses on your website.
  10. Drop shipping: Drop shipping is a process of running an e-commerce website, but you don't have the products. And whenever the order comes then shipping that products from others website where the products is available into the addresses of the customers. You can shipped the products from this websites Aliexpress , etc.
  11. Selling Data: Remember selling data of your users without the permission of your user is illegal in some countries, so you should know the rules of your countries before selling your users data. Some people pays for getting mobiles numbers, etc. for marketing purposes, you can sell them but for that you need lots of users with original data.
  12. Donation: Put a donation button on every pages of your website. If you had done something for free then some people might pay you a donation. For example some Journalism lives through donation. 
So, these were the major sources for earning through website. But remember there is many sources still but I can't share with you all, cause you will not able to use it. Because mostly the earning sources depend on the types of website, and if you have created something new kinda website then, surely it will also create new source of earning.

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