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How to decrease the quota of sleeping? How to sleep less and work more?

Too much sleep can make you dull and lazy. So we need to limit our sleep. Lets see how to decrease the quota of sleep and work more. Mostly its depend on our eating.





Firstly, remember that to control our sleep is to control our eating. As much we eat as much we sleep. And it is depend on the type of food we eat also.

Follow this Eating steps given below to have less sleep on your life:-

  1. Eat less: You should only eat to run your body, I mean we should eat only that much which is OK to run our body. If we eat over load then it is not good for our body and as well we need to sleep much more. So, eat only as much your body need. I suggest you to eat only twice a day on evening and night. Breakfast no need, cause it is only just a habit.
  2. Eat Fresh Food: What happened today is that there is no fresh food at all on the market. By saying Fresh food I mean to say that, your vegetables should be only one day removed from the plants. If you eat vegetables that is week or more then week old, then all the vitamins were gone, you are eating only body of vegetables. Try to grow vegetables on your home, so you get Fresh Food. And eating Fresh Food is very important for your healthy body as well as to maintain less sleeps.
  3. Don't eat oils: Oils is something very important while cooking for our Indian Foods. But we also know that it is not good for our health. Still we were consuming it, that means we were trying to get our own dead. So, try to avoid Oil cooked Foods and try to eat Booking Foods. If you don't know how to cook boiling then you much see the North East Indian Nagas, Manipuri Recipes on Youtube. Eating boiled cooked gives you much Fresh Food and vitamins which is good for our body and maintaining less sleeps.

Now, as we have learned how to need, now we also need how to have Good Sleep. So, what happen is that sometimes we try to sleep but we didn't able to sleep because of some tensions or activities that we do in our daily life.

So, follow this given below to have Good Sleep daily:-

  1. Eat 3-4 hours before sleeping: We should eat 3-4 hours before sleeping because after eating our body needs 3-4 hours to digest those foods. As much large amount we eat as much we need time to digest our food. So, eat less to have less time to get digest.
  2. Never use mobiles or computer or tv 1-2 hours before sleeping: Mobiles or Computers or TV product a light, and whenever we see their screens it goes to our eyes retina which goes to our brains and our brains think that it is day time not night. As eyes is one of the source which sends signals into our brains and our brains execute it, if our brains think that it is day time then you will not feel asleep. So that is why you should not see any Mobiles or Computers or Tv Screens  1-2 hours before you sleep.
  3. Do little bit of breathing exercise a day: Exercise is that thing that everybody needs. Because what we have eat need to be digest as well as we need good body health. As in some case, the healthy body peoples can sleep very well. So do any kinds of exercise is OK, but if you don't want to do exercise then do little bit of yoga breathing like Pranayams .

So, now we have know daily activities that we need to avoid also. No we need to learn about sleeping time also.

So what time do we should sleep and when to wake up? The answer is given below on the followings:-

  1. 9 P.M. sleeping time: According to the yoga, 9-12 PM is known as Rakshas Kaal, you should never be awake in that time. And we should never be sleep before 9 PM. So, it tells us to sleep at exact 9 PM.
  2. 12 PM - 3 AM Deep Sleeping time: It is said also that 12-3 PM is deep Sleeping time but it is OK to wake up between that time.
  3. 3 AM Wake up time: Mostly people like to wake up 4 AM, but for those hard workers 3AM should be the wake up time. Because 3-6 AM is said to be the Bhrama Muharta time. Which means a time for creativity. It is believed according to the ancient scripts, what ever you do in that time it becomes the best. It is also known as prayer time. Means what ever you pray in that time, you will get quick results.

Mritunjoy Mushahary

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