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Top 10 shows you must watch to get through this boring quarantine

We've presented you the list of some brand new streaming content to help you get through the lockdown, as it seems set to continue.






With the increasing geometric progression of the novel coronavirus pandemic , the world is now on a standstill, essentially on a lockdown. However, one of the most creative ways to spend the lockdown is to probably pick up some hobby and start counting the days until the world returns to its normal self. But how about binge watching? Watched all the movies on your bucket list already? Don’t worry, the staff at Mritunjoy  got it covered for you. 

Following is the list of some recommended brand new streaming content for the lockdown, as it seems set to continue. This guide will cover all the genres out there, giving you the touch of all.

1. Unorthodox (Netflix) - Miniseries 

A very unusual story that picks up pace a little before half-way and delivers amply. If this was a film, the leading lady Shira Haas would be an Oscar certainty. Eventually unmissable.  

2. The English Game (Netflix) - Miniseries 

A well-told story about how football transited from the amateur stage to the professional league in the late 1870s, as mill-workers played Etonians. From the creator of Downton Abbey, so you know what to expect somewhat. 

3. Panchayat (Amazon Prime) - Series 

Delightfully performed new show set in rural India, about a city-dweller posted reluctantly in government service. Not a new story but the characters and the playful, droll and sometimes whimsical humour make it fresh and fun. If in future seasons, the show goes beyond strengthening cliches about rural living, this could be one of the most-watched and important shows in streaming India. 

4. A Separation (Amazon Prime) - Iranian film 

This 2011 classic, that is probably the best film available currently in the streaming universe, is an essential second-time watch (am assuming you've seen it; if not...). Iranian cinema is unique for the clear-eyed grace with which it examines human behaviour, and this is one of its best examples. 

5. Nothing To Hide - Netflix 

Old fashioned French film, much like an Alan Ayckbourn play. Witty with gravitas, riffing on a very contemporary idea, wonderfully performed by an ensemble cast. Eminently plagarisable in Bollywood, as "The Dinner Game" was, though this is better. 

6. After Life (Netflix) - Series  

A wonderfully uncool show by one of the coolest comics on earth - Ricky Gervais. No irony, no smartass jabs, just empathetic, bittersweet drama. Bite-sized morsels, easily digestible with a unique aftertaste. The last is its most differentiating quality, which is not clear until you've swallowed a while back. 

7. The Handmaid's Tale (Amazon Prime) - Series 

Perhaps the most compelling dystospic story made till date. The book was written (by Margaret Atwood) in 1985, the show made in 2017, and yet it seems more appropriate for 2020 than any other time, for its depiction of shrinking minds. 1984 had that strange effect as well, till 1984 passed. I saw this, compelled, on Sony Liv, not a great viewing experience (at the time), but now it's now on Prime, so, lucky you. 

8. 93 Days - Netflix  

A Nigerian film, made for a mainstream audience, about how health workers from a specific hospital in Lagos thwarted the Ebola virus in 2014 and the price they paid for it. The overwrought second half can be skimmed a bit, but its topicality is obviously compelling.

9. LBJ - Amazon Prime  

A somewhat frothy take on Lyndon Johnson's presidency under the giant shadow of JFK. It focusses only on his civil rights triumph and not the Vietnam disaster, so is not a comprehensive take, but a very interesting story, catchily told nevertheless by the director of "When Harry Met Sally". 

10. The Test - Amazon Prime 

The greatest audiovisual cricket content ever made anywhere in the world till date. An absolute must-watch for any kind of cricket fan, who doesn't watch the sport for jingostic reasons. The Test is a documentary about Australian cricket’s revival after the sandpaper gate scandal. Apart from the cricketing and fliming aspect, one thing that is sure to catch your eyes is the fact that the episodes talked in length about how the national team drew from the confidence from the army and its sacrifices over the years. A must watch if you love cricket!  

Dibyadarshan Das

Author of the Content

Dibyadarshan Das has been a veteran cricket and esports feature writer for some of India's top web portals. You can follow his daily articles on Sportskeeda. He reports, does analysis and a bit of storytelling through his posts.

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