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Do you know what are the benefits of pure cranberry juice are

In this post we bring the knowledge of a fruit little known in Brazil and that brings many health benefits: cranberry. Cranberry helps fight urinary tract infection, candidiasis and even gastritis. Know the benefits of cranberry and know how to use dry fruit or juice.






People looking to have a healthy diet usually have a range of natural foods on hand to boost their diet.

However, some foods are very common in a region which can become sickly, so we are always looking for novelties to increase the natural diets.

What is cranberry?

The cranberry is a fruit native to the United States. It has the shape of a berry, as if it were a cherry and has a delicious taste!

A natural cranberry juice is great for your health because the fruit is rich in antioxidants and helps in hydrating the body. See all the benefits of cranberry for your health.

Did you know that cranberry juice is rich in calcium?

Drinking half a glass every day strengthens the bones and teeth. Cranberry can be a great addition to anyone who needs calcium.

In addition, cranberry juice has properties that help fight cancer and other tumors.

Cranberry has compounds called polyphenols. These elements slow down the growth of tumors in the breasts, lungs, colon and prostate.

In addition to polyphenols, cranberry also has other compounds that slow the spread of cancer cells and the growth of tumors. These compounds are called flavonoids and act together with the polyphenols.

This fruit has many benefits in the treatment of inflammations of the body, as it has anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition to all these benefits, cranberry juice also helps keep arteries healthy and free of blocking substances such as lipids, calcium, and cholesterol. Did you see how this fruit is important to our health?

Cranberry also helps treat gum disease as well as build up plaque on teeth as it has an element called proanthocyanidin that reduces acid production and prevents harmful bacteria from clinging to our teeth.

Do not forget that we are talking about the natural cranberry juices without many added sugars. Drinking cranberry juice with added artificial sugars will not promote exactly a good oral health.

See how the cranberry has multiple functions?

Now that you've learned what cranberry is and all the benefits you can gain from consuming it, here's how to make a cranberry juice and make the most of the taste and benefits of this fruit.


1/2 cup water 

2 cups natural cranberry juice 

Ice cubes to taste

In Brazil, the natural juice of cranberry can easily be found in homes of natural products or the internet.

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