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Here is the lists of some Helpful articles about, that will give you information about's services, rules and regulations, and how to use it.






Help -

1. Blogging on Mritunjoy Blogs

Become Blogger on and earn some money. It is free to join and free to start Blogging.
And here are some lists of helpful articles that will help you to become perfect bloggers on
Here here are some Blogs which will teach you how to earn with Mritunjoy Referrals
  1. Earn Rs. 50 per referral on

3. Mritunjoy Forum

Click here to go to Mritunjoy Forum.

Mritunjoy Forum is a forum website, where we can ask questions or answer on other's questions. Here is the list of articles which will help you in understanding how to use it:

  1. Increase your websites Backlinks and traffics
  2. Ask questions and solve your problems
  3. Put affiliate links and earn online 

Besides all those have also some additional features, which make users more interested in using And they are-

Gift coins (G-coins)

Yes, you can also earn G-coins by increasing your activities on

So, what is G-coins? G-coins meaning Gift coins are the coins that you get by using You can earn gift coins by writing posts, comments, messages, etc. So, here are some of the lists about earning with G-coins.

1. You can earn G-coins using Mritunjoy Forum.

  • 1 question posting = 3 G-coins
  • 1 answer writing on other's question = 10 G-coins

2. You can earn G-coins using Mritunjoy Blogs.

  • 1 Free Blog = 10 G-coins
  • 1 comment on other's Blog = 3 G-coins

3. You can earn G-coins using Mritunjoy NewsFeed.

  • 1 post = 3 G-coins
  • 1 comment on other's post = 5 G-coins
  • 1 Love on your post = 15 G-coins

4. You can earn G-coins using Mritunjoy FastChat.

  • 1 Sending Message = 5 G-coins

So, what we can do with G-coins? Using G-coins you can buy the premium accounts of And also you can transfer G-coins into Money Balance, 100 G-coins = Rs.1/-.

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