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How to write Articles on Start your Blogging Carrier.

Write Articles on and start your Blogging Carrier. It is very easy, just Register for Free and Login. And go to Dashboard, and on the left side click on My Blogs.






Follow the following steps given below to write your First Articles on Mritunjoy Blog:-

  1. Register and Login: First of all you should Register on It's free to register, so don't worry, and you need your mobile number to register. Click Here to Register. After Register please Login and go to next step 2.
  2. Go to Dashboard: Dashboard link is on the Right Top corner of the website, as seen on the image given below:
  3. Go to My Blogs: My Blogs link is on the Left Side Menu. You will see it after you clicked on the Dashboard:
  4. Create you Blog Channel: To create you Blog Channel Click on the + icon, which is just below down the "Create Blog Channel".
  5. Fill up the requirements: Remember you should not leave anything empty. And that's it you got your Blog Channel.
  6. Write First Article: To write you First Articles, just click of the Write Article button as shown is the picture given below:

What is Blog Channel and why we need it?

When you think you can write Articles in many categories like Food, Exercise, Cars, etc. Then it shows that those three categories were not in the similar field. And if you try to write all those three categories in one place then viewers may got confused about they should follow you or not. Because viewers may be interested in your Food Blogs but they may not  be interested in your Cars Blog. So, to provide only what viewers need the Blog Channel is important.

If you have Blog Channel then the Food lovers viewers will only go to your Food Channel and the Cars lover viewers will only go to your Cars Blog. In this way the viewers will never be confused and try to follow you more.

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