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How much will be paid for writing Articles on MRITUNJOY BLOGS

Here we will discuss about how much will be paid for writing Articles on Mritunjoy Blogs.You can earn money by writing Blogs and driving traffics on your Blogs. Mritunjoy Blogs pays Per Views on your Blogs, to know more read this articles






You will be paid for writing Articles on MRITUNJOY BLOGS.


The Paid Per Views (PPV) is the process of payment that you will get for views on your articles.
Write the best articles so that you may have the highest views, and you will earn always as your articles gets, more and more views.

The amount that you are going to get paid, by writing Articles on Mritunjoy Blogs, depends on the traffics, from where it came to your Blogs. (Traffics means the views on your Blogs).

Here is the lists of the amounts, that you will be paid, after writing Articles on Mritunjoy Blogs.

  1. The traffics that came from Search Engine, will be paid Rs.0.30/- per views.
  2. The traffics that came from Social Network, will be paid Rs.0.15/- per views.
  3. The traffics that came from any other websites, will be paid Rs.0.10/- per views.
  4. The traffics that came from itself, will be paid Rs.0.04/- per views.
  5. The traffics that came directly, by typing url on the browser, will be paid Rs.0.02/- per views.

Lists of all the Search Engine which will pay you Rs.0.30/- per views are -

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  4. Baidu
  5. AOL
  7. Excite
  8. DuckDuckGo
  9. Wolframalpha
  10. Yandex
  11. Lycos

Lists of all the Social Networking which will pay you Rs.0.15/- per views are -

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Twitter
  4. Reddit
  5. Linkedin
  6. Pinterest
  7. vk
That means, the Traffics coming from Search Engine will give you Rs.300/- per 1000 views, traffics coming from Social Networks will give you Rs.150/- per 1000 views,etc. and so on. This is the huge amount, never miss it, start writing articles on now.

But, there is some Algorithms, while your blogs is viewing. has not explained their Algorithms clearly, but here is some tips, you must follow, for earning by views on
  1. Views will only be counted, if the viewers stayed more than 6+ seconds on your blog's page. Because knows that, anyone who comes to your blog's page will have to stay more than 6+ seconds, and if they stayed less than 6 seconds means, it's just only a refresh of the page.
  2. Multiple page refresh from the single computer or devices will not be counted within a single day on a single page. knows that if the single page is refreshed from single device, within just single day, then it is clear that it is only a page refresh not a views. For earning from blog's views, please wait for a real views from real peoples,'s Blog Algorithms knows everything, about real and fake views.

Earn More Money From Mritunjoy Blogs

Yes, there is more ways of earning money by writing Blogs. But it is external earning sources. So here is lists of methods, with the help of which you will be able to earn money online from Mritunjoy Blog -

  1. Affiliating: Affiliating is the process of getting commissions for selling someone's products. There is many online shopping websites, which provides Affiliate programs, for increasing their sells. You can go to their websites, and join their Affiliating programs for free, and start earning. After joining Affiliate program, you will get some Affiliates links, which you have to add in your blogs. And if someone clicks on your Affiliate links, and buy those products, you are going to get paid. There is many website like Amazon Affiliate , Flipkart Affiliate  , etc.
  2. Referral Program: Referral program is a program which provide payments for signing up new users through your Referral links. To increase users on their websites, many companies had set Referral program. You can join such websites and get their Referral links. Now you need to write an articles about their websites, and put your Referral links on your articles, if someone register by clicking on your referral link, your are going to get paid. In such a way also provides such Referral Program. If you want to chose other trusted website then here is the lists, ie, Dropbox  , Airbnb  , etc.

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