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Coconut Sugar A New Way Of Sweetening is it allowed on a diet

Coconut sugar is becoming more and more popular among those who prefer healthy eating. It is still a novelty on the market, and in many online sources you can find information about the health-promoting effect of this sugar. Is coconut sugar really healthy? What properties does it have?






Coconut sugar gained popularity in a short time, because it was promoted as a substitute for white sugar with a lower glycemic index. Is it really worth using it?

How is coconut sugar formed?

Coconut sugar is obtained from the inflorescence of coconut palms, that grow directly from the coconut. Stems of the inflorescence square measure cut and squeezed out with white, sweet juice. The juice flows into a bamboo dish connected to the inflorescence flask for up to thirty five days. From one tree you'll be able to arise to 280 liters of juice per annum, that contains concerning eightieth water. it's necessary that the juice used for sugar production is contemporary, un-fermented and had the right pH scale. once collection the suitable quantity, the juice is gaseous in vats to get a light-brown sweetening with a thick consistency. Before it solidifies, it is fashioned into blocks or heated additional to get a loose consistency. The stores square measure offered within the sort of little crystals or cubes, abundant less usually as a liquid.

Coconut sugar appearance and tastes kind of like cane sugar. it's a lightweight coconut and caramel flavor, that is appreciated by connoisseur low and desserts. Coconut sugar is found underneath the name exotic gula java. generally conjointly the name palm sugar is employed interchangeably, however nearly properly, because the Arenga pinnata may also be a Phoenix dactylifera, wine palm and starch. They even have a special methodology of getting. Therefore, browse the labels fastidiously. Coconut sugar is created primarily on the islands of geographic area - Philippines and land, wherever it's been historically used for sweetening for many years. Its worth in stores is high, it reaches PLN a hundred per kg. it's cheaper to shop for coconut sugar in on-line stores - from PLN thirty / kilo.

Composition and nutritional price of coconut sugar

Coconut sugar contains 70-79% plant product and aldohexose and ketohexose (from three to Sept. 11 of every of the 2 mono-sugars). variations in composition result from the range and age of the tree and also the methodology of evaporation of the juice.

Nutritional price of coconut sugar

Energia [kcal / a hundred g] - 381 

Protein [g / a hundred g] - one.1 

Fat [g / a hundred g] - zero.4 

Carbohydrates [g / a hundred g] - ninety three,4

How many calories will coconut sugar have?

Often you'll be able to realize the opinion that coconut sugar could be a less hot substitute for white sugar, however their energy is analogous. a hundred g of sugar from coconut provides 381 kcal, and white sugar - 405 kcal. The spoon of each sugars weighs four g and contains fifteen and sixteen kcal severally. With normal use within the room, this distinction within the quantity of calories is unnoticeable and coconut sugar cannot be treated as a helpful substitute in an exceedingly slimming diet.

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Glycemic index of coconut sugar

According to the Food and Nutrition analysis Institute of the Republic of the Philippines, the glycemic index of coconut sugar is thirty five, i.e. it's classified as low GI and might be employed by diabetics. alternative establishments, as well as The University of Sydney conjointly measured the glycemic index of this sugar and report that it's fifty four. For comparison, immunoglobulin of white sugar is sixty eight. immunoglobulin of coconut sugar is not up to immunoglobulin of white sugar, however it's still a product that contains over ninetieth of sugars within the composition and will be used sometimes, not solely by diabetics.

Vitamins and minerals in coconut sugar

Information that coconut sugar abounds in parts necessary for health is sadly untrue. Yes, sugar from coconut palms contains terribly little amounts of metallic element, zinc, iron or metallic element, however the statement that it's superabundant in them could be a massive abuse. On the premise of a comparison of the content of minerals in varied alternatives of white sugar and pure white sugar, it is seen that coconut sugar truly contains a lot of parts than alternative sweeteners. However, bear in mind that these values apply to a hundred g of sugar, or twenty five teaspoons - the number that no-one will use within the room in in the future. to hide the daily demand for antioxidant (70 mg), you must eat concerning three hundred g of coconut sugar. to hide the body's wants for iron (17-19 mg) - 900 g, atomic number 12 (300-400 mg) - over a weight unit, and metallic element (8 mg) - four hundred g of sugar from coconut palms. This shows that coconut sugar cannot be treated as a supply of vitamins and minerals within the diet, though it contains a lot of parts than alternative natural sweeteners. it's still pure sugar in nearly 100 p.c, and also the supply of micro- and macro-elements ought to be a diet for North American nation. Coconut sugar is a bit higher for health than white sugar, however fully cannot be thought-about a healthy substitute for sugar.

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Coconut sugar - use within the Kitchen

Coconut sugar encompasses a slightly caramel afterimage, that is why it works well as Associate in Nursing aromatic addition to low and desserts. It is used each hot and cold. It works well as Associate in Nursing ingredient of cakes and cookies, drinks and cocktails and sweet sauces. In food, it's used identical as white sugar, as a result of they show a good level of sweetness. Coconut sugar fits spicy Associate in Nursing sweet-sour dishes with an Asian character.

Is coconut sugar better than white sugar?

Everything indicates that yes! If we tend to square measure searching for a healthier substitute for normal, sugar - the one that's obtained from the Coconut palm, as compared with it conceals the unimaginable wealth of nutrients.

In no alternative sugar you may not realize short-chain fatty acids that square measure valuable for internal organ health, and few of them will boast the presence of natural antioxidants. In terms of the content of minerals and vitamins it undoubtedly surpasses alternative sweeteners. though it's not as nutritive because the Coconut palm fruit, if you're searching for a healthier sugar substitute - don't hesitate to use it! the sole draw back is sadly the value, to date quite high. However, I hope that with time, its worth are lower, that is already discovered.

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