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How to write an Aritlces or Blogs on MRITUNJOY BLOGS

Here we will guide you for writing an Articles or Blogs on Mritunjoy Blogs. What is Approved Blog? Why Publish Button is stand for? How to get Paid? And so on. Read this Articles carefully.






Here in this Articles we are going to talk about Writing an Articles or Blogs on MRITUNJOY BLOGS. So let's Start.

Hey, do you have any Articles or Story or Any information that can be shared on Internet? Then, what are you waiting for? Just register on Mritunjoy Blogs and Start writing Articles, and earn with your information. You don't need to worry anything, because it is very easy to register, and also writing Articles on Mritunjoy Blogs can be done, in just mouse clicks.

Firstly, All you need to do is just Register on Mritunjoy.com. Registering is also very easy, all you need is just a mobile number and your password. So to Register go to https://mritunjoy.com/register  and enter your Mobile Number and Passwords.

After you click on the Register button, you will be redirected to another page, and an OTP will be send to your Mobile Number. Now just Enter that OTP you received on the required filled and click Enter.

Now, after your Mobile verification is complete, you will be redirected to your Login page. Now just login with the Mobile Number and Password just you entered while registering.

Note: You will have Rs.100 on your Wallets, This is your First earning.

Now, you are Logged in, and all good to go to start writing Blogs on Mritunjoy.com
For writing Blog, hover your mouse pointer on the right top corner of the website. I will show a list of menu, click on Dashboard.

You will be redirected to Dashboard now, Click on My Blogs at the left side of the website. Now you will see Create Blog button, just click there. Now you will be redirected to page where you can write you Articles.

Remember: You can't leave anything empty or it will not be approved for your earning.

Title: You title should be 60 characters long, and it is important to have good title because the viewers will first see your title, then read your Articles.

Description: This is also very important equal to Title. Because this helps Googles or other search engines to find your Articles on the internet. Description must tell what is this Articles for.

Thumbnail: This is also important, because this is the image that will be like profile picture for the Articles.

Category: You should select the category of this Blog, you can't put wrong category, or your blog will not be approved for earning.

Tags: This is also important, this will helps in finding related topics for the viewers.
So this were the Introduction you should know before writing an Articles on Mritunjoy.com

After you had finished writing contents, click on the Create Blog.

Now, your blog is created, but still your blog will not be seen by public. To make your blog seen by public, you need to click on neither Approved Blog or Publish.

If you click on the Approved Blog, your Articles will be reviewed by Mritunjoy.com team, and they will reject or Approved according to their rules, and if your blog is Approved you will be Paid you "One time Payement" or "First Paid" and also you will earn by views on your Articles.

But if you click on Publish, then your Articles will be publish to public, but you will not have any payments.
So, that's all you had just finished your Articles on Mritunjoy.com

If you don't want to read, please watch this video, in HINDI.

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