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How to write good Articles that is SEO Friendly and also user attractive?

SEO Friendly means Google or any other Search Engine should understand your Article so well that your Articles always ranks on the first page of the Google Search or any Search engine.






Writing Good Articles means, providing best possible information that you know.

Remember: Don't leave anything empty given below while writing your Articles.

  1. Title: You title should be 60 characters long, and it is important to have good title because the viewers will first see your title, then read your Articles.
  2. Description: This is also very important equal to Title. Because this helps Googles or other search engines to find your Articles on the internet. Description must tell what is this Articles for.
  3. Thumbnail: This is also important, because this is the image that will be like profile picture for the Articles.
  4. Category: You should select the category of this Blog, you can't put wrong category, or your blog will not be approved for earning.
  5. Tags: This is also important, this will helps in finding related topics for the viewers.
  6. Articles should be 700+ words: If you are writing Articles, then you should write more then 700+ words. Mostly the popular Bloggers try to write longer then 1000 words. As they believed it will Rank the Articles into Google's first page.
  7. 2-3 Images on Articles: Image is very important, you must put at least 2-3 images on you Articles. It helps in making your Articles more attractive to your viewers. As it is also important for SEO.
  8. Links on some words: Put some links on your Article's words. It helps in increasing Backlinks for your Articles and boost in Ranking. Links should be placed in some of words which is names of something like Place, People, etc. Also you can put links on some words which meaning is very difficult to understand.

How to write more then 700+ words?

Now, you may think how to write more then 700+ words? See if you were a professional Blogger then this 700+ words Articles may be very short Articles for you. But as you may be a beginner, still there is solution for you.

And the solution is that, write questions and answer. By saying question and answer I mean to say that, for example if you are trying to write Article about Apple and Rise every questions about Apple in your mind.

Questions may be start from, What, Who, When, Where, Which, How, etc. Let's give you some example, What is Apple?, Who has seen Apple?, When Apple was first found?, Where Apple trees grow?, Which Vitamins the Apple consists?, How to eat Apple?, etc.

See, How many questions I create for Apple. And Writing All answers about this all questions in one Articles will surely makes your Articles longer then 700+ words.

So, I hop you got the points on how to increase the words of your Articles?

How to write Tags?

Tags were actually used to linked up all the similar contents with each others. And it also helps in Search Engine Ranking somehow.

Tags can be written anything that is related with the topics of you Articles. Suppose, your Article is about "How to cook Food?" then you can write Tags of this Article as, Cooking, Food, Cook, Hotel food, Good Food to eat, etc.

The Tags I have given about is a words related with Cook and Food. So, in this way you can add your Tags on your Articles.

Images on Articles.

Images is somehow making your Articles more attractive to look. And you know what, mostly the viewers loves to see images rather then reading.

So, to fulfill the requirements of viewers we must put at least 2-3 images on our Articles and that also helps in Ranking on Google Search.

What kind of Images should I put? The images should be related with the content of your Articles. Suppose your Articles is about Fruits then you must put the images of Fruits that you were writing about.

From where I will get those Images? Firstly, you should know that you must try to create your own image. Because sometimes it is danger of getting Copyright Strike for just putting other's images on our website.

How to create our own Images? You should know about the Image editing. If you don't have Image Editor software on your computer, then not worry there is online Editor available for Free this days. Go to  and login with your Gmail or Facebook and Edit Awesome Images for your Articles.

Put Links on the Articles.

What links should I put on my Articles? Firstly, you don't need to think about that. Just complete your Article first and then read once more your Article.

And when every you see some unique words, which you think people may not understand it's meaning, then put link on that words. And also wherever there is name of Some Place, Peoples, objects, etc. just put links there.

From where I will get those links to put? From internet, for example you want to put link on the word "Apple" then search apple on the internet and search some useful website's link and put on your Article's words.

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