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What types of Articles Should I write for getting more views?

Here we are going to talk about, how to write articles for getting more views. The techniques for attracting viewers, yes there is some specific ways of writing for getting your blogs in the eyes of viewers. Read this article from top to bottom to know more.






So, as you had seen in the title of this blog that this article is about attracting viewers on your blogs. So without losing any times let's start.

Titles of the Blogs or Articles

Yes, firstly the Title of your Blogs is the most important, without which your viewers will never know, what your articles is about. So, by analysing the most viewed blogs from the top bloggers, we have found some very important information about the Blog's Title. So, here is the list of information that we have found -
  1. Your Blog's Title much always start with "How to". For example, your questions much be like "How to cock rice?","How to do this?",etc. We have found that this kind of Blogs, starting with "How to" is the top viewed blogs always.
  2. Comparisons Blogs. You can write about the comparing things, like "Top 10 mobile phone","Top peoples of all the time",etc. This kind of comparisons title were also the favorite for the internet users.

Topics of the Blog

Yes, you should also have the best topics for writing your blogs. Here is the list of some best topics which belongs to most viewed Blogs -
  1. "How to make money?". Yes, this kinds of blogs which is about, earning or making money, is always the top viewed articles.
  2. Product Reviews. This is not so much popular but, youngster now a days, search a lots product reviews blogs on internet. For example - "Best mobile phone with specifications","Bikes specifications","Cars details",etc.
  3. Comedy memes. Yes, this is also the most viewed, not for always but, if you share this kinda blogs on your social networking sites, it becomes the most viewed.
  4. Interviews of the peoples. Yes, the blogs of interviews of the famous people is also becomes most viewed blogs, not for always but for social networking. Interviews like ministers,celebrity,scientists, or anyone famous peoples.
  5. Controversial Blogs. Yes, it is also not for long, but if you share in social networking websites, it will be most viewed. Always take information about what is controversial news currently going on, and take chances of writing articles about it.
  6. Infographic Blogs. You can write about infographic also.

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