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Google pixel 3XL and my opinions or you can say my reviews on it....

What are your opinions on Google pixel 3XL, well there are many of you who are using Google' android and have your own opinions, but these are some of my opinions that I'm going to present about Google pixel 3XL.







Since the Google pixel 3XL Smartphone was released in as I'm sure a lot of us remember it's release was pretty bumpy so I thought I'd take another look at it now that it had some time to marinate so they speak even with it's not so clean slate.

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Let’s see about its problems or bugs

Well it bugs in performance issues and design quirks the pixel 3 XL. However others haven't been so lucky a few tech reviewers and even some pixel users in their articles said that they're pixels began to lag the fluidity disappeared starters and hiccups began popping up applications will take your sweet time 

 opening especially the camera application taking 5 to 10 seconds until able to snap a shot battery life went bad in these things got so severe that it not only forced users to have to reboot the phone multiple times during the day but some have even been forced to factory reset their phones or even completely switched to something else.



Now let’s see about the good stuffs

But still found its way in Accessories cameras remain at my personal topic and I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say this is still the best set of cameras for regular stills in selfies and it continues to impress with its a single rear facing camera and Google’s software “Wizardry” and yes I know there are 


some people that actually don't like the way the pictures coming on the pixel but there's no denying that sharpen is in the detail in the ease of getting a great shot especially in portrait mode and cameras outside the pixel 3 still has a number of things going for it it's screen is still one of the best on an Android phone the phone itself is made out of nice salad premium good feeling materials it's one of the only flagships left with dual front firing speakers it's got the best hap tics I felt on an Android device it's got a rear-mounted fingerprint reader and people think I'm crazy for liking this but hey it's comfortable and it actually works then of course is pure staff always up-to-date pixelized android and all the things it has offer like now playing “Call screening” which I asked, we miss on other phone's it'll be the first to get the Android q and unlimited backups to Google photos in original quality alas not even the cameras and the fact that it's running stock. Android save the pixel 3 from providing a rather catastrophic experience for some people. Now I'm sure you guys remember the my rate of problems and bugs that accompanied the 3XL during its launch multiple software and hardware issues remember that extra not that any audio when recording video of all round management distorted audio playback and things like that, but then those things get fixed for the most part couple software updates here and there seems to iron out the experience a little bit too bad as update couldn't fix the designer to phone him, alright I don't think I really need to go into all that but I'm pretty sure we can all agree this isn't the most aesthetically pleasing phone around now in my experience as time has gone on the things have worked out just fine the designed kind of disappeared and I was immersed into the rest of the phone.

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Now let’s see about the display Quality and also battery performance

Right now I’m getting 525 1/2 hours of screen on time performance overall was pretty smooth and everything just worked as it should with few hitches and luckily I can still say the same today my pixel 3 XL works just fine on the flip

side, we can meet you think back to the fact of the 3 XL only having 4 GB of RAM and we all knew from the jump it was not a good idea for Google to do that they try to prove a point about android but they should have just played it safe and at least have gone with 6 note course.



My opinions on the camera and soft.

We got this software update for “March” which directly targeted the camera among other things, it stinks that it took this long for it to come out but better late than never I suppose so they should have fixed everything alright well not 


entirely the updated word for a lot of users while others reported that they have continued to deal with poor performance mainly from the camera while these issues likely do not affect the majority of users they don't seem to be too widely spread they're still pretty serious problems nonetheless these are things you wouldn't or at least shouldn't have to expect from a phone running. Right especially street from Google itself but the pixel phone track record is just loaded with weird stuff from strange design language both software and hardware issues to device longevity going through IV for some users, I know it's Googles III phone, but I feel by now they should have these fundamental things taken care of so well my personal experience along with the experience of many other pixel 3 XL users has been pretty good over the past 5 months and I haven't really had any glaring issues with mine I can't excitedly recommend people go out and get a free XL right now especially with the new 2019 film starring come out I really wish I could share these issues are in widespread but is not like I can guarantee that they won't happen to the next two user I can say that if by some miracle Google is able to truly fix all of these issues than yeah, I think it might be worth a look if you can find one in fine condition online for around 600 bugs which I think is a good deal what with all these trolls and our phones popping up, Google’s got some work to do I'm remaining hopeful for the next two Smartphone attend and I expect it to be amazing as for the three well let's just look at it as another stepping stone to what will hopefully be pixel perfection so what are your thoughts on the pixel 3 XL 5 months later do you have one if so let us know your experience with it so far and whether or not you'll be sticking with it or switching to something else we'd love to hear your feedback.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading. So, what you guys think about the Google pixel 3XL? Let me if you guys want me to.

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