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What is Mritunjoy Peacock Algorithm Effects on Mritunjoy Adforsites

Everyone who used Mritunjoy Adforsites to earn online from their websites, might be effected with Mritunjoy Peacock Algorithm. So it is very important to know this Algorithm before using it.






Why and how Mritunjoy Peacock Algorithm was created?

Mritunjoy peacock Algorithm is just only a name of Algorithm which helps to feature out the Fake activities on the websites.

As you know that if you had a website, then you can earn money by just using Mritunjoy Adforsites's Ads.

But it is also sure that many website owner will try to bring fake views and clicks on their websites, for increasing their earnings.

But as wants genuine websites which bring real traffics and clicks on the websites, had created this Algorithm known as Mritunjoy Peacock Algorithm.

If you want to know what is Mritunjoy Peacock Algorithm, then firstly you should know that Mritunjoy Peacock Algorithm is not a constant Algorithm. It depends on the users activities and changes its rules and regulations at any time.

How Mritunjoy Peacock Algorithm works?

Here is some quick lists, to understand Mritunjoy Peacock Algorithm.

  1. As you know that Mritunjoy Adforsites records each of your website's page views. Only, and only those page will be counted, which is showing ads. Sometimes, when there is no Ads on Mritunjoy Adforsites, you might see blank on the place of your ads, and  this kinda page view will not be counted. And don't worry it remains for only sometimes.
  2. People should come on your website and at least spend some times on your website reading your articles. Try to make people reads your articles.
  3. It is very important that your website traffic comes from the high level websites, i.e. Search engine, social network, or other high level websites etc. The direct coming traffics is least important and might gives you less earnings.
  4. Never try to click on your own website's ads. If Mritunjoy Peacock Algorithm finds you clicking on your own ads, your account might be disabled and your money will be deducted for fake clicks.
  5. Never try to bring fake views on your website, like paid views or by just refreshing your self or using some software. If Mritunjoy Peacock Algorithm finds you then your money will be deducted and your account may have more chances to get disabled.

Ad Impression is Important

As you can see there is Ad Impression on Mritunjoy Adforsites. It is most important for your earnings, because never sees your website views, it sees your ad impressions for paying you.

So what is ad impression?

Ad impression is the counts of the numbers of ads showing on your website's pages. For example, if your website pages have 3 ads showing, and it have 1 page view, then your ad impression will be:

Ad impression = 3 ads  x  1 view = 3

Again, if 3 ads per page and have 100 views then

Ad impression = 3 ads  x  100 views = 300

That is why you should increase the numbers of ads on your website pages.

Traffics should comes from high level websites

From where your website's traffic is coming is important. Because it may be the causes of increasing your ad impressions.

You should also know that the ad impression per ads is not constant, it is dynamic. For example, traffic coming from search engine might give you 1.50 ad impression per ad view, on the other hand traffic coming from social network will give you different.

And remember that direct traffic gives 0 ad impression.

How much will I earn per clicks?

This might be the question every new Mritunjoy Adforsites users ask.

So the answer is that, yes it is true you are going to earn money by getting clicks on your ads, but the value you are going to get per click is dynamic. It depends on the ad impression.

For example, if you get 300 ad impression and 1 click, then you might get Rs.5/- per single click. Again if you get 500+ ad impression and get 1 click, the value of Rupees your are going to get will be more.

Suggestions from

There is only one suggestions from to every Adforsites users.

Always write original and trending contents, you will always get real traffics and clicks.

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