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How many steps it takes to create a website and website maintenance

Steps that should be taken to create a website. And also you should know, how website maintenance is done. Only if you know all this, you should try to take a step for building a website.






Creating a Website is only the first step. If you think after completed your website you are going to start earning. Then you must be wrong. Because it is only the first step of many. If you want to know, what more is coming next, read these articles from top to bottom.

Read all the lists given below and you will understand everything.

1. Find a Developer or Create your own website

Firstly, to create a website you have to find someone developer. But if you know yourself then you are most welcome to create your own website.

Know why to choose HTML websites, rather than websites created from WordPress, Wix, etc.

2. Creating the contents for your website

Yes, this is the most important part of your work.

After your website is completed, now it's time to create content for your website.

See, Content is the King of the website. Your website design doesn't matter, your website looks don't matter, because people come to your website only to see your website's content, not your website design nor looks.

If your website got lots of important and useful contents for the peoples, then you will have lots of traffics. That is why this is the most important work for you.

How to create important and useful content for your website?

3. Adding to Search Engine

A website like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. is known as Search Engine.

Now after you have created some content on your website, it is time to add your website on Search Engine.

And you need to add your website only on No need to add on other search engines, because if your website is on Google then it will automatically be added on other search engines.

How to properly add your websites on Search Engine?

4. Working For Ranking on the Search Engine

Now, as your website is added on the search engine, it is time for you to Rank it on the Search Engine. Meaning whenever the people search about your website on the search engine, your website should show on the first page or first result.

See, there are some rules from the search engine like google to get Rank, and you should know and follow those.

To know how to get rank on Google, click here.

5. Working for Traffics on your website

After your website is ranked on the search engine, now you need to work more to bring traffics on your website.

See, if your website is ranked on the search engine, that means free and organic traffics is coming on your website. But as your website is new and nobody knows about your website, fewer people may search your website on google.

That is why you should work more for getting more and more people to know about your website. There are 3 ways to do it - 1. Link sharing 2. Digital Promoting 3. Physical promoting.

Learn how to perfectly share your links.

Learn how to promote your website digitally.

Learn how to promote your website Physically.

6. Maintaining your website

Yes maintaining your website must be done.

So what to maintain?

Follow the given lists below:

1. Daily login to your Google Webmaster tools and check if any errors are on your website. If any error occurs, immediately fixed those errors, otherwise, it will impact on your ranking on the search engine.

2. Daily login to your Google Analytics and check how much traffic is coming on your website. Doing this will help you to know about your visitors. Knowing visitors is very important because you should create your website's content, only according to the visitor's demand.

How to use Google webmaster tools?

How to use Google Analytics to know your visitors and create content for them?

So this was the list of works that you will have to do after creating your website. If any questions arise on your mind, just comment down below, I will come with another next topic.

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