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How to find best niche to start a blog sites or youtube channel

Find the best niche and start your own blog sites or youtube channel and make money online. Yes, everybody can start, just need will power and patients. Grap the best niche now.






Hello guys, are you looking for topics to create a youtube channel or Website or Blog? Then this article is the right place for you. Just it all from top to bottom.

First and for all, I would tell you that, You don't need to search anywhere for the topics. What you need to do is just try to know yourself, at which field you are good. It may be complicated for you to find within yourself, but by following these steps, it will be easy for you:

1. Try to find topics within yourself

Just sit down, relax, and try to think about yourself, at what field you were good. If you find the answer, then this must be your topics for creating websites or blogs or youtube channels.

For example, if you think you were good at cooking food, that's it creates a website about cooking or blogs or youtube channel. I know something is there within you hidden, meaning your talent, you should find those and that's your topics.

If you didn't find within yourself, try no.2

2. Think what are you doing the most at present

Yap, that's another point you should notice on. So note down what were the things you were doing the most, and that is your topic.

For example, I am a website developer and a blogger, so that is my topic for creating blogs and youtube channels. Because as I am working daily about it, I have many experiences about it, so it should be our perfect topic.

If you think you are doing nothing, then you might be not able to get about yourself. If you are a student, start thinking about the best subject you liked and you know, and that's your topic. If you are a player, then which sports you liked the most and you know, is your topics. If you were a farmer, then farming is your topics. If you were a govt. services man, then the govt. rules and regulations that you know are the topics. If you were a businessman, then the business you were doing is the topics.

So everybody has topics in the case given above. Now if you think you are doing nothing, just ideal at home, then my friend, even the Gods also come from haven, he will not be able to give you topics.

To have topics, you should do something. Start doing something if you aren't doing. Do anything you got.

And now, the questions may arise on your mind. Will people watch my website or blogs or youtube channel?

See my friend, it is not necessary for people to see your blogs or videos. The main thing you should focus on at the beginning is to learning. Do the work for learning firsts, and if you become experts, why not, lots of people will come to see your blogs or videos, or even comes to see you.

The main thing we should concentrate at the beginning is to collect knowledge, information and make ourselves talented. Because if we have talent, yes, of course, we will get our goals quick. If you are starting blogs or videos for earning money, why not lots of peoples will see your blogs or videos because you are talented.

And even though, if you think that you can't do, my friend, you are most welcome to leave. Because it shows that you don't have any interested to do nothing. If you have an interest then, you will not ask me permission but you will do as much quick you can.

And the one who says I cannot, this kinda man can't do anything in his life.

Remember my friend, if you are interested in something to do, then always say

I will do,

I will learn more to do,

I will be expert to do,

And I will succeed.

Nothing is impossible.

But if you were not interested, you were most welcome to go.

Arjun Nakula

Author of the Content

Computer Engineer

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