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Earn Rs 50 per referral from Mritunjoy.com

Mritunjoy.com has a referral program which pays you Rs 50 for every new user you bring to the website.






What is a referral program?

A referral program is a program that pays you to refer a product or service to other users, generally your friends, family & relatives through social media or other ways. Most of these program pay you to refer users in a reward per user basis or percentage basis. In reward per user basis you get paid once for every new referral you bring to the site and in percentage basis you will earn percentage commission from the person you referred for lifetime or a limited amount of time.

Does mrintunjoy.com have a referral program?

Yes, mritunjoy.com also has a referral program which pays you Rs 50 for every new user you bring to the website. The process is quite simple, after you have registered on mritunjoy.com you will find your personal special link which you will have to send to your friends, family, relatives etc. and once they have signed up through their link you will get Rs 50 in your mritunjoy account wallet. Once your wallet reaches the minimum amount to withdraw which is Rs. 3000, you will be able to transfer it directly to your bank account.

Why should users join mritunjoy.com?

Mritunjoy.com is a multipurpose website and one the amazing feature of this website is that you will be able to earn money by writing articles on mritunjoy.com and by referring other users. Writing articles can pay you anywhere between Rs 200 to Rs 500. You can find information on how to earn from mritunjoy by clicking this link. Other than that, mritunjoy.com also has other features such as music, fastchat, forum which unfortunately is currently under development and will soon be ready and added to the website. With the passage of days, more and more number of features will be added to the website. So, stay tuned!

Steps to earn per referral from mritunjoy.com

Step 1:

The first step of getting started is to register yourself a mritunjoy.com account by going to this link or by clicking the register button on mritunjoy.com homepage. On the signup page, fill all the necessary fields such as your name, mobile number, email and password. Remember to add a real mobile number as it will be verified during registration.

Step 2:

After completing registration login to your account by visiting this link or by clicking the login button on mritunjoy.com. You can login to your mritunjoy account using your mobile number and password.

Step 3:

After registration you will get redirected to your account profile. Click on the dashboard button on the top right corner of your screen as shown in the picture given below.

Step 4:

After going to dashboard section, click my referrals button. There you will find your special link as shown in the picture. It will be something link this “https://mritunjoy.com/register?ref=124” Send this link to your friends or family and once they register their account through this link, you will earn Rs 50 in your wallet.

Note: Remember that your referral has to signup from your special link and not directly by visiting mritunjoy.com otherwise you won't be credited for your referral.

For a video version of this tutorial please watch this video 


Mritunjoy.com gives a good opportunity to earn by referring people and by writing articles. So why are you still waiting? Join mritunjoy.com today and start referring people to earn money. That’s all for it. Thank you for reading.

Mritunjoy Mushahary

Author of the Content

Founder, Creator and CEO of mritunjoy.com

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