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How to find right gurus for ourselves as there is lots of gurus in this days

As today there are lots of Gurus, do gurus important at this age. I mean spiritual gurus, or whatever who tries to show themselves as Avatar or whatever, there are lots like Ramrahim, Asharam, Shad guru, etc.






Well, asking like these questions, "HOW TO FIND RIGHT GURU?" is actually, showing yourself a weak. Because only weak persons need someone another guy to support himself to stand.

Ok, as for your understanding, let us know first who is Guru? Guru is anyone who teaches you something, Guru is anyone who helps you to get your Goal.

So, you are trying to find the right Guru, which means you have lost your ways. But, actually, you have lost your way because of yourself. If you say how? Listen, if you look into the world, you will find Guru everywhere. You don't need only someone who teaches you, but there are lots of Gurus surrounding you. If you say who? Then see the nature near you, all those natures whether it is animals or plants or whatever, teaches you something lessons. You don't need a Guru if you really want to learn something. This nature is the Gurus of our life which teaches us how to live our life.

On the other hand, if you say that you already had learned a lot from nature and now you need someone Guru who teaches you to reach your Goal. Then it shows you that, you still didn't understand anything.

First, let me know what type of Goal you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to become superpower guy, are you trying to become Richest of the world, are you trying to become the king of this world, or are you trying to become someone inventor or scientist? And if you say that you are trying to become God then, we don't need to say anything, try it no problem, we will pray you when you become God.

Now the point is, how to achieve our Goal, by just believing that nature is our Guru. See, nature is the Greatest Guru of us, what nature can teach no Gurus can't, because nature is nonliving things, can't lie but only shows the reality and truth. So it becomes more necessary to believe nature rather than human beings.

So how to achieve our goal with the help of nature as our Gurus. Yes, very simple, just learn it and learn it and learn it, as possible you can, never stop learning from your Guru, Nature. And Nature can teach you a lot of lessons that never ends, even you die, the teachings of nature never ends. So, looking this as a compare, nature is the Greatest Guru of our human life, from since the ancient time.

So, the main point is that, when you learn you become smart, when you apply your learning you become expert, and when you learn the same thing, again and again, you become talented, and when you become talented, nothing is there to stop you from reaching your Goal, until someone more expert comes in front of you.

That's how you reach your Goal. Again, if you say still that you need someone Guru, to push you in reaching your goal, then it's clear that you are showing weak again.

It can be understood that everything that is done in the Group, may be completed easily and quickly. Yes, it may be true, but if somehow they collapse and one half of them remains then what happens? They will not be able to do, so this shows weakness. But if you try to do it in single, it may take little time, but it will make you stronger. Because you will be able to do many people's work alone. So you show strong and you will be stronger than all.

So try to be strong, and sometimes, our GURU Nature also tells us, only strong exists longer than weak.

Gurudev Mritunjoy

Author of the Content

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Gurudev Mritunjoy

These days becoming religious Gurus is like becoming a businessman.

Mritunjoy Mushahary

Woho! Awesome ... I really like your POST ..Keep it up bros.

Chanit Brahma

Hmmmm that's right, now a days there are many fake or pakandi gurus in this kalyug

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