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Why the Religious is important and what is Bhakti what is its future

Let's talk about Bhakti or Devotions and Religions. Let us know what it is exactly and why does it is needed. And also does it is important in this century, and what is the future of it.






See Bhakti meaning Devotion, is what the Religious Gurus used to tell us. But you know why they told us in this way? Because they want you to obey and follow God's rules and regulations. And without having Devotion you will not so much respect to their God, and that may be the cause people may not follow the rules of their Gods.

So, the main ambitious of the Religious Gurus is to spread out their God's teachings. So, it is important that you should have Devotion in order to purely follow the rules and regulations of God.

Does it is important in this modern age?

Somehow yes. See, the religious is the traditional culture, we have been practicing since the time of our greatest and greatest Grandfather. So why we should forgot what we were in the past. Yes, we should change ourselves from worst to best, but it means not that we should forget the past. In some cases, it is important to forget the past, but in this case, we should try to recall our past, which had great memories of our past parents.

And as you know, people these days say I believed my God, but nobody exactly follows all the rules and regulations of their own God. That means the religious had become just only a matter of identifying himself as he also follows some Gods. But as people this day were so much busy in struggling his life for building his better life, he keeps God inside away and does whatever he got to do, to get succeed, even if he needs to break the rules of his own God, sometimes he will do.

So, I would say it is important that we should not forget our past, we should still remember what religious or culture we followed before. And yes, we should change some of the worst practice of our past, which we can't explain why it was practiced, but we should still practice some rules which still works in this modern age. Because by practicing those all rules only today we human being is so well developed. But if you say you had become well developed without practicing all those religious, then you must not forget, only you didn't follow, but your parents kept you by following those religious rules.

Today sometimes religious is the main case of mob lynching, violent, etc.

See, as I did say before, today in this modern age, no one really knows the complete rules and regulations of their own religions. Sometimes the Religious Gurus also may not know 100% compete for rules of their own religions. And even you know the rules, many of them will keep the religious side away and do what he thinks is right.

That means we can say, rarely people were following the rules and regulations of their own religions. And where the rules and regulations don't work, nobody follows, it is directly understood that something wrong is going to happen.

So, if you say the Hindus were mob lynching, violating or the Muslims were mob lynching or violating, then correct your sentence, you are wrong. You should say The criminal peoples were mob lynching or violating. Because most of them, they don't know their Religious rules and regulations or they know but they were not following. So this means what? They were all Criminal who knows the rules but breaking their own God's rules. So, we should be blamed directly to those criminal peoples, but taking the name of Religious is not correct.

Why the people were not following the rules and regulations of their own God this day?

People now these days were so busy concentrating on their ambitions or Goals. And mainly most of their ambitions are "how to earn money", "how to get rich quick",etc., Most it is only about money. Because the mentality of humans had transform is such a way that money is only the most important in life, this day.

So Human being's mental abilities had become weak this day, not able to think much about other things because their whole mind is concentrating on earning money. So, there is no time for Human being this day to develop their Brain in other things rather than earning money.

And yes, Human beings were successful in earning money. But their Brains were being mentally poor in developing their Humanity. They forgot everything, sometimes even their Gods, while concentrating on earning money.

And as their mentality losses, the mistake happens. And that is why Human being is the greatest mistake maker rather than animals.

To whom we should show our Bhakti, God or Religious Guru?

Yes, probably to God rather than Religious Gurus. Because of course, Religious Gurus were only the followers of God as you are.

If you try to give your Bhakti to the Religious Gurus rather than God than it is clear that you are very weak. The strong people want to connect directly with their God, and weak people try to connect with God's linked man. No matter, what message this Gurus will give to you, whether wrong or right. But trying to connect directly with God, you will get the message directly from God.

How to connect with God

See, God is what? God can be nothing to everything, God can be "Whatever" to "OH this is". We can say many things to nothings about God. So many people have tried to understand God, but no one has a perfect result till today.

So to connect with God is just stay in one comfortable position, and take a rest, try to bring peace in your mind. And think about helping others. And if you were not able to help, praying for others. Think about being wise. And if other people love you or try to help you, then it is understood that God is with you and helping you. God doesn't speak with you but gives his message to you in something natural activities, that you should learn to understand.

Gurudev Mritunjoy

Author of the Content

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Arjun Nakula

Yeah! now we know what all this were for.

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