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How to get succeed and get our Goals in Life by Guruji Mritunjoy

How to get our Goals in life. The main rules for life to get success quickly in our life. Never gave up and never gave up, your goal is on your way. Every human being has the opportunity to get their Goal, never slip away your opportunities.






When we speak about success, we feel something about the hard work, smartness, and never retreat (meaning never surrender). So, it is directly understood that only hard work, smartness and never surrendering can bring you to success. And everybody knows that even you ask some failure person he will also be able to tell you that, but if we ask this kinda failure person, why you failed, he will surely make some excuses.

So, what I mean to say is, we already know what we have to do to get success in life. But the problem is we were unable to apply those formulas that we already know. And that is the greatest problem why we people fail in our life.

So, the main thing that we should do now is to get avoid all those habits that are making us helpless in applying our formulas. And what is the formula, work hard with smartness and never surrender.

Now, let us talk about what are all those habits which are making problems in our life for getting success.

  1. We should try to be smarter
  2. We should try to increase our patients
  3. We should avoid our bad habits
  4. We should have fewer friends
  5. We should learn to use our time.

1. We should try to be smarter

See, smartness means not trying to show yourself smart, but smartness means that you should always be hungry to learn more and more knowledge.

Firstly, I warn you that, you should not try to show yourself smart by only your mentality, because only the stupid peoples try to show himself smart. The real smart peoples, let others show smart because the really smart people have something eagerness to learn from even you. He wants to learn something from even you, that is why he wants you to be smart in front of him. And actually, you know what, the really smart people don't have to show smart, they automatically look smart and do smart. People can simply recognize who is really smart, and if you only try to show yourself smart, people might call you wanabe, because not so much smart but trying to be smart.

The main point that I want to tell you is that the one who always tries to learn, and he never exhausted learning, this kinda people were smart or he is going to be very smart in the future. But also there is some kind of peoples, who always thinks that he knows everything and he doesn't need to learn anymore, this kinda people were the problems for himself.

So, you should be smart. Just only keep learning and learning and learning, never exhausted learning, and you should never think you had learned everything. But you should always think that you have to learn more, again and again, that is the real habitats of real smart peoples.

2. We should try to increase our patients

Patients mean never exhausting for doing something. Yes, we should never try to leave something half done, never do that. Because half learning is a very dangerous thing, but if something is not good for you then you can leave. We should try to use our brains choosing what is good and what is wrong.

This is my experience formula for increasing patients. Try it only if you think you can.

1. Try to stand on one single place without moving your body, in an attention position, for long as you can. As much longer you can stand, as many patients you have.

2. Try to stay whole day without eating foods and only drinking water. If you were able to stay for 2 days, you have lots of patients.

In such a way I used to increase my patients. Patients mean actually a discipline, try to increase your discipline, you will have slowly increase of patients.

3. We should avoid our bad habits

You should try to know your bad habits and avoid all of them. Because habits are the thing that is expressing yourself to others, maintaining Good habits might show yourself a good discipline, and you might always get helped by others if you try to maintain good habits and disciplines.

Bad habits might be Drinking wines, smoking cigarettes, fighting with others, neglecting others, negative eyes for others, etc.

See bad habits waste our lots of time, if we say in another words.

4. We should have fewer friends

Yes, for a businessman it may be important that you have lots of friends. But for the learner, it is not so necessary. Because it might be a reason for losing lots of our important times, chatting or connecting with lots of friends. So, as a learner fewer friends is the best.

As a learner you should try to concentrate on your learnings and Goals. As a learner you should try to do everything by yourself, if you try to get help from your friends you will loss the important knowledge that you are going to get.

But yes in some cases you should get help, but for learning purposes, you should do yourself.

5. We should learn to use our times

Time is the most important thing in our lives and in the history of humans because once the time is gone, you are never going to get back.

See, you should not so much worry about the future but you should be worried about the present time you had. How to utilize all those times. And of course, the smart guys will try to utilize all those times in learning or collecting knowledge.

So be smart never slip even seconds just simply, try to use all those times in working for your Goals or gathering knowledge.

So these were the main thing that you should follow to get success in your life. And remember, never gave up and never gave up, your goal is on your way.

Gurudev Mritunjoy

Author of the Content

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Gurudev Mritunjoy

Welcome, Ayushman Vahan, putra.

Arjun Nakula

Gurudevji, thanks for such awesome lessons. Now we know, what to do to be successful in life. Thank you Gurudevji.

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