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How to use Mritunjoy Forum for increasing backlinks and alexa ranking

Backlinks are very important for our website to rank, and if our website doesn't rank, it is not going to show on Alexa ranking. Learn how to use the Mritunjoy forum for increasing backlinks.






If you have a website or blogs then you must be very familiar with the word Backlinks. Because without which your websites or blogs will never rank on the google search engine. And also you need traffics. So this articles, we will show you how to do that by using Mritunjoy Forum. So read this articles from top to bottom.

What is Backlinks?

Backlinks mean the link or URL of your website should be found on other's websites, or the links of another website should be found on your website.

There were two kinds of Backlinks

1. On page Backlinks and Offpage Backlinks

1.On page Backlinks

On page, Backlinks is the links of other's website found on your website. To increase Onpage Backlinks, you should increase the number of links of other websites on your website's pages or blogs.

2.Offpage Backlinks

Offpage Backlinks means the links of your website are found on other's website's pages or Blogs. To increase Offpage Backlinks is to increase your website's links on the other's website as much as possible.

Between these two Backlinks, which one is most important?

Offpage Backlinks are the most important.

Why Backlinks is important for us?

Backlinks are important to us, because google tracks every website's backlinks, to rank our sites on the Google search engine. The website whose Backlinks is the highest will be shown on the first page of Google.

Now, as Backlinks is so much important for us, we need to increase our backlinks as possible we can. And Mritunjoy Forum is the website where we can post our links.

How to post our links on Mritunjoy Forum and increase backlinks?

Mritunjoy Forum is Forum website, where we can discuss our matters. Now, to post our links on Mritunjoy Forum we need to write questions or answer other's questions. And along with it, we can post our links too.

Follow these steps to Write questions on Mritunjoy Forum:-

  1. Register on Mritunjoy Forum clicks here. Otherwise, if you had already registered, then log in.
  2. Go to the Mritunjoy Forum home page.
  3. Click on the Ask Question
  4. Then Write your question, also write the description, and on that description, you have to post your links. 

Follow these steps to Answer on other's questions:-

  1. Login on Mritunjoy Forum.
  2. And click on to No Ans Ques 
  3. Here you will find every question that doesn't have answered yet.
  4. So find any questions whose answer you know, and with your answer, just post your links also.

So In this way, you can post your links and increase your website's backlinks. You should do this every day with all your new links.

Two benefits of Posting links on Mritunjoy QuesQues.

The first benefit of posting links on Mritunjoy Forum is the increase of Backlinks and the second is getting driving traffics on your website.

Yes, when you post your links on Mritunjoy Forum, the traffics of Mritunjoy Forum will drive on your website too. So posting links on Mritunjoy Forum is very helpful for you.

From where should I get topics to write questions?

The topics will come from your links, which links you are going to share. Go to your links first, and see the content. And from that content, think about something question that is related to the content of your links. And if you get the questions related to the content of your links, write those questions on Mritunjoy Forum alone with the link.

What type of questions, I should answer for links sharing?

The questions that are related to the content of your links, search those questions and answer on it alone with your links. Because those link's content was created by you, you must be able to answer those questions related to the contents of your links.

But remember, if you answer those questions, which is not related to the topics of your link's content. You might not be able to drive traffics, from that links. So, you should only answer those questions in which topics are related to the contents of your links.

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