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How to use Mritunjoy Forum for problem solving and discuss anything

Learn how to use Mritunjoy Forum for problem-solving and discuss anything. Free to sign up and start asking questions or discussions. Use it for affiliate marketing and link building.






As you know Mritunjoy Forum is a forum website where you can post questions or answer other questions. And it is free to register. So now we will talk about these topics.

Post questions to get Answer

See, once there is a saying "Intelligent peoples always ask questions". And I also agree that, because the one who always asks questions, somehow learns a lot more than others, and the one who knows more than others may be said as an intelligent person. So, if you want to become intelligent, you should always ask questions.

As you know, for posting questions you will have to register first. Or log in if you had already registered.

Now, you have to go to the Home page of the Mritunjoy Forum. Then click on the Ask Questions button.

After that you will be redirected to the Ask Questions page, where you have to write your questions.

So, if you want to pay money whenever someone answers your questions, you will have to select this option given above. But before that, you should remember that you should have money on your wallet. Click here to add money to your wallet.

Now, after you had set money on your question, the one who answered your questions will be paid for answering on your question.

Setting money on your questions is important because the number of people who want to answer on your questions will increase. And they may try to give you their best answer as they want to earn some money.

And remember, the people will get your money only and only when you set their answer as the Best Answer. So you don't need to worry anything, your money is not going to pay to anyone until you get the best answers.

Now write your questions here, at the given above. You should write questions is a simple way so that everyone can understand your questions. But if you write in a unique way and no one understands your questions, then you may not get answers.

And yes, you should always try to explain more about your questions. Here at the given above, you should try to explain clearly about your questions. This is a Rich Text area so you can also modify and decorate your text here. So to get answers, you should explain your questions so that everyone understood in a perfect way and answer in a perfect way on your question.

For those who were posting questions for Backlinks purpose or Affiliate marketing, must have to fill up this section, because only here he can post a link.

Now at the given above, you should choose your category. Choosing a correct category is important, because if you choose the wrong category then you may not be able to get traffics on your questions. And if you don't get traffics on your questions, it may be difficult for you to get answers to your questions.

For a backlinks increaser or affiliate marketer, choosing the right category is most important.

Now after filling all the fields, click on the button given above.

After clicking on the Proceed Next Button, you will be redirected to another page. where you will see this kinda Button

Now to complete posting your questions you have to click on the button "Proceed Ask Question". Remember without clicking on that button, you are not done.

So that's it, your question is posted.

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