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Earn money online increase backlinks and website page views on Mritunjoy blogs

Earn money online, increase your website's backlinks and also increase your website page views on Mritunjoy Blogs. Yes, write a guest post or become a blogger and earn online using Mritunjoy blogs.






Online earning is slowing becoming opportunities for our youths to choose it as their carrier. And Blogging is the best option for online earning. And Mritunjoy Blog is also a Blogging platform where you can start your Blogging.

What are Mritunjoy Blogs?

Mritunjoy Blogs is a platform where you can start your Blogging for free, and earn online money.

Why choose Mritunjoy Blogs?

As you know, there are many other online platforms where you can start your Blogging carrier, but the facilities of Mritunjoy Blogs are a little bit different than them.

Mritunjoy Blogs is free to register and you can start earning on Mritunjoy Blogs just within the next day. As compare to others, you have to have Adsense account for earning with your Blogs, which is almost very difficult to have.

So don't waste time, start to register right now.

How to use Mritunjoy Blogs for earning?

There may be two methods using which you can earn online:

1. Earning as a Blogger on Mritunjoy Blogs or 2. Increasing your website's traffics and backlinks.

1. Earning as a Blogger on Mritunjoy Blogs.

To earn with Mritunjoy Blogs, you have to log in and just start writing articles about anything you know the best. To learn how to write articles, you can go to this link, how to write articles on Mritunjoy Blogs?

And also you should know the rule and regulations for writing articles on Mritunjoy Blog.

Click here, to know how much and how you are going to earn with Mritunjoy Blog.

So, now the main thing we should know is what type of articles should we write for driving traffics on our Blogs.

How you will be paid? You will be paid directly by You don't have to look for another third party earning website for earnings. And yes if you want to increase your earnings by adding some third party earning sources, then you can surely do that. Here is the list of the system that you can add on your Blogging, to increase you're earning more.

  1. You can add Affiliating programs: Affiliate is a system of earning online where you get affiliate links, and if somebody brought those products by clicking through your affiliate links, you got paid. To know more about how to use affiliate links, go to how to put affiliate links and earn.
  2. You can take a sponsor or direct connect with the advertiser: To do that you need lots of traffics on your Blogs. If you have tremendous traffics on your Blogs, you can directly talk with advertisers and take charges for showing their ad on your blogs. Or you can write some sponsored articles and earn.
  3. Using Mritunjoy Shortlinks: This is not going to give you lots of earnings, but you can add this also, and increase some of your earnings. Mritunjoy Shortlinks shorten your long URLs. While adding links on your blog pages, first shorten your links and add them. Then whenever the visitors will click on your page's links, you are going to get paid.

So, these were the methods using which you can earn online using Mritunjoy Blogs. On the other hand, if you don't want to become Blogger on Mritunjoy Blogs, because you have already your own websites. Then also Mritunjoy Blogs is very helpful for you in increasing your website's traffics and backlinks. So read the articles given below also.

2. Increasing your website's traffics and backlinks.

After having your own website, the first thing you need is to have traffic on your website, and for doing these your website should be rank on search engines.

So, don't go away, because Mritunjoy Blogs is only your friend who is going to help you in doing these. So, let's see how Mritunjoy Blogs is going to help you in doing these.

Firstly, log in to Mritunjoy Blogs and start Guest Posting. Guest posting means, write articles on Mritunjoy Blogs as a guest, not for earning money. What type of articles should I guest post? You should write an article about your own website. What your website does, what your website is about, and so on. And on that articles past your website's links as much as possible you can.

So, what this will do for my website? Guest posting means, advertising your website. Now, Mritunjoy Blogs had already too many traffics, when you write guest posts on Mritunjoy Blogs, at least someone will come and see your post. That means people are going to know about your website, and that means your website may get traffic. And also doing these were going to increase your Backlinks.

Secondly, just write and write the guest post as much as possible you can. Because, it is only going to increase your traffics more and more, and the same is going to happen with your website's backlinks.

How to struggle as a Blogger?

Now, as you have chosen the way of Blogger as your carrier. No, what you have to do is just only write and write your articles. The main goal of your articles is to bring traffics. And for bringing traffics on your Blogs, you may need sometimes. So, what now you should do is, just increase your patients and just wait for your Goal.

There were many Bloggers, who were earning lots of money this day. If they can then why not you? You should not think yourself a weak, be strong you can also do that.

So, as it needs time for succeeding in our life, we should have patients. So, I would only suggest you, please only keep working and working, because the success is on your way.

Arjun Nakula

Author of the Content

Computer Engineer

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