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Types of promotion and sales promotion tools. Promoting your Business.

Let us know about types of promotion and sales promotion tools. Promotion is very important if you want to expand your Business. Here you will learn how to promote.






Types of promotion.

Let's us first talk about the types of promotion.

After studying the Business system, we came to know that there might be two types of promotions. And they are 1.Physical Promotion and 2.Digital Promotion.

1.Physical Promotion

Physical Promotion is a type of promotion that is done in the physical world. The Physical Promotions is given below:

  1. Poster/Banner Advertisement: The first thing you need to do to promote your Business is to launched an Advertisement. And that Advertisement should be Poster or Banners. You need to put that Poster or Banners Ads in the place where crowds of people exists. For example, near some Restaurant, Market, near some shopping mall etc.
  2. Ads on News Channels: Go to some News Channels and create your Business Advertisement. Put your Advertisement in every news channels. For example, News TV, News Paper, etc.
  3. Conference: Call for Press Conference and Announced some of your Business New Features.
  4. Business Party: Organized some Business Party. This helps in maintaining relationship between the Company or Business Members. Also this kinda of Party helps in Advertising your Business locally.
  5. Competition Program: Set some sports competitions or Dances competitions and on that program Advertise your Business. This also helps in promoting your Business, that is why many companies were paying to Cricketers while World Cub for putting their Company's Logo on their T-Shirts and Ads on the walls of the play ground.
  6. Agencies: Maintain some Agencies to promote your Business. Those Agencies were going to meet with lots of peoples to provide information about your Business.

2. Digital Promotion

Digital Promotion is a type of promoting your Business Digitally. You don't need to go outside of your house to do it. All you need is a computer and Internet. According to us this is the cheapest way to promote your Business compared to Physical Promotion. Because you don't need to pay for traveling and there is lots of Data available by Analysing which we can get the targeted traffics or visitors or customers.

The Digital Promotions is given below:

  1. Bulk SMS: Bulk SMS is the way of sending Promotional SMS to thousands of peoples at once. This is also called SMS Marketing this days. And this can be done in just 10-20 minutes this days. There is available website with the help of which you can send Bulk SMS and some of them are TWILIO , SMSAPI , etc.
  2. Email Marketing: Email Marketing is nothing but the process of collecting emails of thousands or more peoples and send Ads emails to their addresses. Some of the email marketing service providers were Constant Contact , SENDINBLUE , etc.
  3. Voice Call Marketing: You can also send Bulk Voice Call for your Business Promotion. Here is the link where you can learn more about it. Click Here  to learn more.
  4. Social Networking: Because of the Social Networking websites this days it has become more easiest way to promote our Businesses. All Business whether it is online or offline Business it should have account on social networking websites, because it helps to grow more audience to your Businesses. The best Social Networking websites where you must have accounts are Facebook , Twitter , etc. But you need to always stay active on your account. Create Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups and always update your business news there.
  5. Commenting: Commenting is the process of responding people's posts or blogs or anything wherever there is available for commenting options. Yes, in social networking website also you need to comment on your friend's posts every day, but remember within that comments you should try to promote your Business. Also you should try to comments on every other websites beside social networking, like Blogging websites, Forum, Youtube  videos, etc. But remember your comments should be promoting your Business, but no one should realize that it is a promotional comments. I mean to say that you should comment on the posts or blogs or questions which is related to your Business. If the posts or blogs or questions is not related to your business you should avoid that. Some website where you can do commenting are Youtube, Quora , Facebook, Twitter, and you should search on google for more.
  6. Chatting/Messaging: Instead of chatting simply with your friends you should waste your time on chatting promotional message. Promotional message means the message which is about your Business. Make friends and chat promotional messages. The place where you can do promotional messaging are Whatsapp , Messenger , etc.
  7. Blogging: People think Blogging is only a way for earning money. But it is also the best way to promote your Businesses. Just create a blogs and increase the traffics of your blogs and place your Business Ads there, and in this way you are going to earn through blog as well your are going to promote your Business too. According to me, it is best way to write your Business promotional Articles. Business promotional Articles means the Articles that is about your Business, for example how to join your business, how your business works, etc. The place where you can create free blogs were WIX , BLOGGER , etc. But according to me creating a website is the best options. To create a website you can order here Mritunjoy Services .
  8. Youtube/Videos: As similar to Blogging Youtube is also important for your Business promotion. It doesn't matter you earn or not using Youtube, but if you are creating your Business Instruction videos and upload on Youtube, it becomes your Business promotion. So, it is very important to create promotional videos for your Business and upload it to Youtube and all others video sharing websites. Some Youtube alternative are Vimeo , Metacafe , etc.
  9. Run Online Ads: Run Ads online. Here is some website where you can Run Advertisement for your Business Promotion and they are Google Ads , Bing Ads , Facebook Ads , etc.
  10. Sponsorship: Offer Sponsorship to Top Youtubers, Bloggers to promote your Business.
So now you have know the methods of promoting your Business. But always remember that you need to use your own ideas to get succeed on it.

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