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15 Causes of Vaginal Itching Symptoms and Treatment that you should know

The treatment of vaginal itching depends on the correct diagnosis of the cause. The medicine indicated to treat a yeast infection is different from the treatment for a bacterial infection, which in turn has nothing to do with the treatment of itching by vaginal atrophy.

What is Syphilis What are its Stages Symptoms and Treatment

Syphilis is an infectious-contagious disease transmitted mainly through the sexual path. The causative agent is the bacterium Treponema pallidum , whose most common symptom is a painless ulcer in the genital region. When not properly treated, syphilis develops as a three-stage disease: primary, secondary, and tertiary syphilis. Each stage has different symptoms and in later stages, the disease can spread throughout the body, causing serious damage to internal organs such as the heart and brain, and deforming lesions on the skin.

Main Symptoms of Hiv and Aids and Know What is the Cure for Them

A patient is only considered as having AIDS when the HIV virus has attacked and destroyed such a large number of lymphocytes that the immune system is already weakened. With few viable lymphocytes, the body becomes more vulnerable to infections, becoming susceptible to various types of viruses, bacteria, fungi and even tumors.

Type 1 Diabetes What are the Causes Diagnosis symptoms and Treatment

Type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM1), also called juvenile diabetes, is a chronic disease that arises when the pancreas is sick and produces little or no insulin. Insulin is a hormone that acts by allowing glucose (sugar) into the cells, where they are used as fuel to generate energy for the body. Without insulin, glucose can not get into the cells and ends up getting accumulated in the blood, leading to a condition called hyperglycemia.

Canker Sores in Mouth and Tongue What are the Causes and Treatment

Canker sores are very painful and often hinder simple activities such as talking, eating and kissing. Fortunately, the lesions are benign and do not usually cause major problems beyond this discomfort. However, some more serious diseases of the oral cavity may manifest with very similar ulcerated lesions, which may cause some confusion. An example is cancer of the oral cavity, which in the early stages may look like a cold sore.

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