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I heard in news that xvideos were band india, but lots of desi website were available, what is happening?
Ans(3) ₹0 27-08-2019 , 1093 views

Dam Food Oye had launched in our Gossaigaon, but Delivery charge so much Rs.20 huh?
Ans(2) ₹0 27-08-2019 , 478 views

Does anybody have the picture of Hans Christian Gram? Wana see him.
Ans(2) ₹0 13-09-2019 , 473 views

How is the Realme XT phone new launched in India? Should I buy it?
Ans(6) ₹0 13-09-2019 , 457 views

Animate scroll to bottom when clicked on a button -javascript or jquery
Ans(3) ₹0 03-04-2018 , 437 views

Where to get the Admit Card of HSSC exam Haryana, 2019, I heard it was realeased.
Ans(4) ₹0 14-09-2019 , 396 views

Does Google Adsense pays for viewing on our own website?
Ans(7) ₹0 17-09-2019 , 363 views

Who is Hans Christian Gram and why he is so much popular?
Ans(3) ₹0 13-09-2019 , 360 views

Oh! nice way to earn money for Idiot Gurus Like Shad Guru or what? Earn money by taking name of kaveri river.
Ans(2) ₹0 13-09-2019 , 331 views

How was the Gang Leader Movie\'s Story and Roles, who were the actors?
Ans(3) ₹0 13-09-2019 , 281 views

Morning joging vs Afternoon jogging which is the best?
Ans(2) ₹0 10-09-2019 , 245 views

cannot modify header information - headers already sent
Ans(2) ₹0 04-04-2018 , 241 views

convert numbers into words in php
Ans(2) ₹0 06-04-2018 , 223 views

What is the response time of PHP $post variable?
Ans(2) ₹0 15-07-2019 , 218 views

Which is the best International SMS gateway service provider website with the cheapest and most trusted services?
Ans(2) ₹0 20-09-2019 , 213 views

what are the present topics going on this 2019 September? For bloggers and YouTubers.
Ans(2) ₹0 01-09-2019 , 208 views

Create social share buttons for facebook,twitter,google plus,etc.
Ans(2) ₹0 06-04-2018 , 206 views

jquery detect scroll to bottom of page and display the div else hide
Ans(2) ₹0 06-04-2018 , 206 views

Getting the last string of the url after slash javascript
Ans(3) ₹0 14-09-2019 , 199 views

How much Humanoid robots is developed till today? I need lists
Ans(1) ₹0 24-08-2019 , 194 views

Does the hosting providers really gives unlimited hosting plans?
Ans(1) ₹0 19-04-2018 , 189 views

How to get the values from url using Javascript, I mean from GET values from url
Ans(3) ₹0 14-09-2019 , 185 views

How to get the value of php variable and use it on Javascript
Ans(3) ₹0 31-08-2019 , 177 views

Does girls like a man with a beard and mustache
Ans(2) ₹0 27-08-2019 , 171 views

javscript check if the variable has value, if not then take action
Ans(2) ₹0 14-09-2019 , 171 views

Eight words php search engine script for mysqli database
Ans(2) ₹0 06-04-2018 , 170 views

php count variable values separated with comma
Ans(2) ₹0 06-04-2018 , 165 views

create own cdn like jquery cdn link, bootstrap cdn link,etc.
Ans(1) ₹0 06-04-2018 , 162 views

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