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Arjun Nakula Computer Engineer
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2 weeks

Hi there! Are you still working on my withdrawal?? I withdrew the money on 23rd July... And still the money has not come... I don't know why... It's been around 14 days... How can I recommend this website to my friends if I'm only not getting the amount.. Please look into this..

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Mritunjoy We are working on it, Don\'t worry your transfer will be execute... Please give us some more days ... 2 weeks ago

2 weeks

Hi! Again you have reduced the amount to 200 per 1000 views which is very less since the first paid also is not there..Please try to increase the amount..

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Nithin Even that\'s bad Oly... Anyways all the Best for your blog bro.. We can\'t write until we find good income here.. Thanks 2 weeks ago

Arjun Bro ... you are fearing so much ... Bro think if you write 10 articles which brings traffics .. suppose 300 traffics * 0.30 = Rs.90 .. now as 10 blogs * Rs.90 = 900 ... see you are going to earn Rs.900/- per day .... To increase your Income is to increase as much as possible your blogs + all blogs should bring some traffics 2 weeks ago

Arjun Bro don\'t gave up ... Research some traffic bringing keywords ... and only write and write and write as much possible blogs ... out of 50-100 blogs some blogs will bring you traffics ... and if traffics is from Search engine .. you are going to earn by just sitting at home .. 2 weeks ago

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2 weeks

Hi there, One of my articles had reached 1k views yesterday and I had got an option to get 300 rupees.. And when I pressed the get it button only 100 rupees was credited to the account... So please look into this..

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Arjun Today it will change .. dont worry! 2 weeks ago

Nithin Yea it did... Thanks! 2 weeks ago

Arjun Wellcome 2 weeks ago

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2 weeks

Hi, I'm not able to earn through the short linking.. It was working fine and now there is some glitch And its showing my account balance and then when I press get it it reduces but the amount is not credited to main balance.. So please look into it...

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