Please Read our Terms & Conditions before using our Site.


By Visiting our site, you agree to accept our Terms and Conditions. We have some few Terms and Conditions that you need to follow, while using or visiting our sites.

  • You are wellcome to use our sites, but you are not allowed to copy our website's content and past it in your sites. It is not allowed
  • Never upload or write content, that is equal to sexual or headred. This may trun you account into disable.
  • You are wellcome to write your original conent in our site. You are not allowed to copy and past other website's content in our site. This also may trun your website as disable.
  • Never use other's mobile number for creating account in this site. You are allowed to use only your own mobile number to use on our site.
  • You are wellcome to earn in this site. But please be polite and earn by following the rules and regulations of this site. You must atleast try to know the rules and regulations of this site before using it.



As a Writter on Mritunjoy Blogs, you must follow the rules given below:

  • Write Original content. What you are writing should not be found on Internet.
  • Put some Images on the articles you write. And Images must also be original.
  • While writting make sure you grammars are correct.

If you didn't follow the rules, your articles may be deleted by Mritunjoy.com.



As you are going to sell somthing on Mrtunjoy.com, you must follow the rules given below. By reading this you agree to accept our terms and conditions. Our terms and condition is that, if you try to break any of the given below rules, then your account might be deleted or blocked without any notification, and we are very strict. So read the given below very carefully before you start selling in Mritunjoy.com:

  • Product Orders: Sellers must be very trustful and quick responsive reactions to the orders of our customers.
  • Product Returns: When customers return the products, the money will be automatically returned into the customer's account.
  • Product Canceled: When you or your cutomer Canceled the Order, the money will be refund to the account of Customer.
  • Product Report: If your product is Reported by the Customer, then you are not going to receive the earnings of that product unless the Customer, remove those reports from the Order. And if you are reported more than 3 times, then your Account might be blocked. Only you can do is, whenever the Customer report you, just contact with that Customer directly and solve his problems and request him to remove the Report.
  • Product Delivered Success: You will not get the money that customer had paid, untill the product is delivered success to Customer. We are doing this to protect the money of Customers from unexpected behaviours. And even afer the product is Delivered Success, you have to wait for 5 days to get your money on the wallet. We are offering 5 days for Customer for Return and Report Options.


As there is terms and coditions for Sellers, in the same the customers also follow some terms and conditions befre buying the products from Mritunjoy.com:

  • Product Returns: After you Returned your Products, you must wait 10 days to get your money back. And your money will be transfered to Mritunjoy Wallets.
  • Product Canceled: As same as Product Returning. You have to wait 10 days to get your money back.
  • Product Report: Make sure you only Report the Products that you have not received, because Reporting the Order means not that you are going to get your money back. Instead of that, after Reporting the Order, you must get the details of the Seller and Direct contacting and telling your problems. There is no way you are going to get your money back if you Report unless you contact the product owners and ask him to refund.
  • Product Delivered Success: After you received your Product you have only 5 days for Returning and Report. If you didn't Report or Return within those 5 days, there will be no options for you.

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