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Mritunjoy Mushahary Vishal

Which is the best International SMS gateway service provider website with the cheapest and most trusted services?

I want to Integrate SMS gateway on my website and the SMS gateway should be International. That means I want to send messages Internationally. So, which is the best SMS gateway service provider with the cheapest prices? If possible give me a list.
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For the integration of SMS gateway in your website I would recommend you Amazon SNS which will not only provide a highly reliable service but also provide the service at a very affordable rate as compared to the rest of others. At the time of writing this post amazon charges only $0.00645(Rs 0.46) per sms to USA and $0.00223(Rs 0.16) per sms to India. For a full list of rates depending on the country you can click here

As a 2nd alternative I would recommend you Twilio which is also a well known company to offer such services. Current rate to USA is $ 0.0075(Rs0.53) per sms and to India is $ 0.0100(Re 0.71) per sms. For a full list of rates depending on the country you can click here .

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Thank you, bro! The answer is really helpful.