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Mritunjoy Mushahary Vishal

Ajax auto load website vs PHP manually load website, which is best for earning online.

Ajax auto load website: By saying these I mean, a website that loads all the pages on a single page without redirecting.

PHP manually load website: By saying these I mean, a website that loads in multiple different pages.

So, for ranking on Google and earning with Adsense which type of website will be the best?

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These factors doesn't really matter now. Ajax loaded website is an example of Single Page Application(SPA). Earlier SPA websites were bad for SEO as because the meta tags and descriptions in single page applications is loaded dynamically and google bot couldn't crawl such sites but now google bot can render javascript and crawl the html page generated using javascript. So the ranking on Google will be the same and so is the earnings if the contents is same even if it single page app(SPA) or server side rendered(SSR) page.
Vishal Bty


Ok I got it now.

That means it doesn't matter where it is SPA or not.

Thank you, bro, the answer is really helpful.