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Mritunjoy Mushahary Vishal

How to save our website from DMCA? Should we afraid of it?

Hey, bro. Just today by watching Youtube video I came to know about DMCA.

So, bro, I am a little bit worried about it. Do we need to worry about it?

By looking at my website, bro what you think my website has to afraid of DMCA or not?

03-10-2019, Total 2 Ans Best Answered , 15 views

You don't have to worry about DMCA if you are not using copyrighted materials such as random images from google, mp3s, movies, articles etc. in your website. As of now I think you should check the posts section as there may be some posts which is taken from google.
Vishal Bty


OK  That means I have to check every post that my members write to save myself from this kinda problem.

So, still bro, I think I should put the DMCA page on my website.

For protection, if something went wrong on my website.

Thank you, bro, your answer is helpful.