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Mritunjoy Mushahary Vishal

Error on my Firefox Inspect Element - Console, what this mean?

Hey bro .. can you tell me what this message is telling.

I got this from the Firefox Browser .. Inspect Element .. CONSOLE

TypeError: headerSerachInput is null[Learn More] styles-21.js:540:1 TypeError: document.getElementById(...) is null[Learn More] fastchatgo:791:1 getPageCorrelator undefined show_ads_impl.js:15:14064 getPageCorrelator 2388916979208826 show_ads_impl.js:15:14064 ReferenceError: ajaxfornewsfeed is not defined[Learn More] fastchatgo:633:3

03-10-2019, Total 2 Ans Best Answered , 42 views

Your code is giving not defined error  which means the variables or functions you are using is not defined. I can't know the issue exactly without seeing full code. But this could be one of the issue "headerSerachInput". I have noticed that you have typed the spelling of search as serach which is incorrect.
Vishal Bty


OK  I got it now.

I will try to fix the errors.

Thank you, bro, your answer is helpful.