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Mritunjoy Mushahary Vishal
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question_answer How to check how much MB or KB is my website consuming while ajax requesting using Browser?

Hey, bro, I have used Javascript + Ajax + PHP + Json Short Poll method for auto refreshing page.

And bro I think it is consuming huge KBs  while sending auto request and receiving.

How to see how much KBs per second is my website consuming while requesting or receiving using Browsers?

04-10-2019, Total 6 Ans Best Answered , 85 views

check_circle_outline BEST ANSWER
Visit your desired page and right click and open inspect element then go to network there you can see the total data consumed.
Vishal Bty

more_horiz Other Answers

OK It is just easy.

I think my website is consuming 500+ KB per second.

I don't know how to decrease it.

Mritunjoy Mushahary


The concept of polling is very simple: send a request for new events (specifically, Create, Retrieve, and Delete events which signal changes in data) at a predetermined frequency and wait for the endpoint to respond. If the endpoint doesn’t respond, there are no new events to share.


Similar to polling, webhooks provide your application a way of consuming new event data from an endpoint. However, instead of sending repeated requests for new events, you provide the endpoint with a URL, usually within the endpoint UI, which your application monitors. Whenever a new event occurs within the endpoint app, it posts the event data to your specified URL, updating your application in real-time.


Polling is a bad practice instead use webhooks or socket to get realtime data.

Here is an example of webhooks with php

Vishal Bty

Ya, I didn't see requesting on

But bro, you said webhooks are not supported in some of the devices or browsers.

And I see Facebook is using some kinda Polling. I am thinking to use webhooks, but will it work perfect is every modern broswers and mobiles?

Mritunjoy Mushahary

Yes it will be support as most of the users use modern browser now.