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How pyshic powers work? Is it real or just rumors?

How do this psychic powers work? Does it is real or just rumors?
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According to me, yes Psychic power really exists and it really works.

How Psychic power works? Actually, we never can define that because it is something that doesn't depend on science what we know. To know such psychic abilities or powers we have to think in different ways but if we go through the way of science we are never going to understand it.

So, in these modern days, no one never has a perfect explanation about psychic powers. So, the answer is we can't define it perfectly.

But I myself had tasted the power the psychic abilities so I know it works for real.

Mritunjoy Mushahary


Psychic Powers is really amazing. I want to improve it more.

Mritunjoy Mushahary

Learning Psychic Power is very hard it is not for everyone. And if someone wants to learn he had to be very unique than others.