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Who is Hans Christian Gram and why he is so much popular?

Google also showing the picture of Hans Christian Gram. But actually who was he and why he is so much popular. Maybe he is scientist or someone great person.
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Hans Christian Gram was the man who found a difference in the structure and biochemical function of samples while treating a smear of bacteria with a crystal violet stain, followed by an iodine solution and organic solvent.

Hans Christian Gram was a Denish bacteriologist noted for his development of the Gram Stain during the 19th to 20th century. He was born in Copenhagen on September 13, 1853. He discovered a staining technique, which is used to identify and classify different types of bacteria. His technique is still used today after even he died long ago.

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This picture shows the work of Hans Christian Gram

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I also thought something like that, the name seems like scientists and he is a scientist. I am proud of my sense.

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You are most wellcome.