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Arjun Nakula

Does Google Adsense pays for viewing on our own website?

Can I view on my own website and does Google Adsense will pay for it? I know clicking on my own Ads will band my Adsense Account, but I am asking about only views.
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No, never Google Adsense never pays for views on your own website. I mean if the views are only coming from a single device or computer then it shows in your earning records but after 1-2 days you will see that your earning is deducted.

Google Adsense slowly deducts from your earnings if the views are coming from only a single device or single computer.

You should always try to bring real traffics on your website because Google is now very smart, they know everything about Fake clicks, Fake views, etc. So you should never try to cheat Google Adsense, if you were caught cheating Google then your account will be disabled and remember Google never warns you before disabling your account, you will be shocked when and why your account is disabled.

Reall traffics is very easy to bring if you have patience and if you produce valuable content. Remember my friends, content is the king and Google wants real and valuable content, that's it. And Google Adsense is the highest paying Advertisement company ever exists in the internet world.

Mritunjoy Mushahary


I was thinking about that why my Earning is deducted and now I found the answer.

So it seems it is hard to earn money, not a easy task ya.

Arjun Nakula

Yeah! Nobody will give you money for free and for fake views and fake clicks you are only going to get your account disabled. So try to stop doing fake things, always try to earn genuine work. If you do fake things it will lust only for some days or months.

Mritunjoy Mushahary

Ya true. It is very difficult to earn money otherwise everybody would have been become rich.