Mritunjoy ShortLink: Shortener your url or links and Earn through clicks.

Shortener your url or links and Earn money whenever someone clicks on that url. And, if you go pro version you can custom your links also.

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Why it is important to Shorten your URL?

See, if you have a very long url which is very uncomfortable to even Select All, then it is very clear that this kinda url are problems. So we provide services for you to Shorten your url, so it becomes comfortable for you to copy and share it or past it where ever you liked.

Short link earn money

And also this is not enough, we had provided some important things for you. Which is almost every peoples wanted, and that is earning money. Yes, you can earn money by shortening your url and sharing it on where ever you liked. You will be paid whenever someone clicks on your url. Yes, I know you were happy to hear that, then what are you waiting for, shorten your url now. And it is free. So what are you waiting for, start short link earn money now.

How much will I earn?

Well earning depends on your side, how much you were able to bring click on the link. As much clicks you have on your links, as much you are going to earn. And that is not over, if you register and logged in on the website, you will see there is lot more ways for earning. And it is very good news for you, that you are going to get ₹100/- for just registering. So don't waste time, just start Register now.

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